Find out what the DIY Network star claims was the "most horrific moment" native her ongoing custody battle

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Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis has actually been embroiled in a vicious two-year custody fight for she 30-month-old son, Harper, and also says the entire process has been “heart-wrenching.”

The DIY star stunned fans as soon as she revealed she to be pregnant because that the 2nd time in 2015, a reality she had very first decided to keep secret.

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“I to be worried around being judged,” Curtis, 41, tells human being in this week’s issue. “It was a very complicated time because that me. There i was, nearly 40, having one more child on mine own.”

Already a solitary mom to kid Ethan, 19, Curtis had actually every on purpose of increasing Harper, 2 1/2, without help. Yet after her ex, Minnesota-based businessman Shane Maguire, 54, discovered out he to be the father, he check his parental rights and was forgive visitation. Suddenly, Curtis uncovered herself having to rotate over her then-6-month-old son twice a week.

“Harper had never, ever before been away from me before,” she says. “That was the many horrific moment. It was heart-wrenching.”

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As an support for attachment parenting, a viewpoint that promotes the bond of the primary caregiver and infant through extreme responsiveness and also physical closeness, gift separated native Harper was difficult enough. But as an specifically breastfed baby, the instance was worsened as Curtis struggled with just how to feeding Harper if they to be apart.



“He had never had actually a bottle before, and also then all of a sudden the was his just option while that was through his dad,” says Curtis, that adds that she to be physically unable to follow a court instruction to pump sufficient breast milk in advance for the baby’s time far from her. “I’ve constantly been a fighter. If something’s not right, I’m the first person to was standing up. And also I don’t believe that my kid should have to wean since of our situation,” she says.

This has since become a point of contention in the exes’ vicious two-year custody battle. Maguire initially accused the HGTV star of proceeding to breastfeed their toddler together a means to stop him from obtaining time through his son. Curtis, however, denies that she ever wanted that to become a problem. (She techniques babyled weaning wherein Harper eats at his very own pace.)



“It’s so vital that kids have both of their parents. Yet me from breastfeeding mine child just so he deserve to see the dad is not right,” she says.

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After legally proving that “my body did not develop enough,” she to be granted access to Harper, that she continues to chest feed in ~ 30 months, when a day during Maguire’s visitations. Curtis claims the order wasn’t made main until Harper was currently 11 month old and ended when he rotate 1. Curtis continues to have guilt, though, around the affect the case has had actually on Harper.

“He has actually attachment concerns with all this hustling back and forth,” she says. “And even if it is it’s the mom or the father, when you take that person away for , that does have actually a traumatic effect.”

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Maguire has filed several movements over the course of a year to enforce his parenting time (one of which led to Curtis being held in contempt the court), yet Curtis claims things room slowly obtaining to a an ext secure place. Maguire’s attorney, Jerry Cavellier, says his customer has “recently to buy his own house in the Detroit area,” where Curtis is based, adding, “He would carry out anything because that his son, including relocating to another state. The is a exorbitant father.”

“We’re functioning on it,” Curtis states of the situation. “It’s still not perfect or even close, but it’s a many better.”

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