Once upon a time Nicki Minaj was once just an aspiring waitress working difficult to acquire the music industry to notice her. This is the story of how Nicki Minaj grafted to end up being the most prominent female rapper in the world.

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2. What is Nicki Minaj's actual name?

Nicki Minaj's full name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She started off her rap career utilizing the surname "Nicki Maraj" before later settling because that the name Nicki Minaj. Follow to rumours, she didn't choose the name "Minaj" together it had actually sexual connotations yet later accepted the title.


3. Was Nicki Minaj in Steven Universe?

In 2014, Nicki Minaj voiced the character of Sugilite in the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, a show about a team of wonder guardians who safeguard the Earth. Sugilite made she debut in the episode "Coach Steven". Credit: Cartoon Network


4. Exactly how old is Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj was born in 8th December 1982, making her right now 38 years-old. The rapper began her career at very early age in she native brand-new York and also only released her debut mixtape ''Playtime Is Over' in 2007 - when she was around 22-years-old.


5. Nicki Minaj released her fourth studio album 'Queen' in 2018.

Her first album because 2014's 'The Pinkprint', Minaj released her fourth studio album 'Queen' in 2018. The Young Money rapper teased fans in 2017 v the relax of three new songs 'No Frauds', 'Regret In your Tears' and also 'Changed It'. Hit song on the album encompass 'Chun-Li', 'Bed' v Ariana Grande, 'Barbie Dreams', and also 'Good Form'.

6. What is Nicki Minaj's Twitter account?

Nicki Minaj is an extremely active on society media and tweets utilizing the handle
nickiminaj. The rapper often interacts directly with she fans and also keeps everyone up to date with her recent releases. (Photo through Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

7. Is 'Anaconda' Nicki Minaj's biggest song?

Nicki Minaj released she hit single 'Anaconda' earlier in respectable 2014 and quickly followed it up with a video that 'broke the internet'. The new York rapper stripped under to she gym equipment in the racy viral video that right now has almost a billion views on YouTube.

8. Walk Nicki Minaj have a game?

Nicki Minaj exit her own mobile video game 'Nicki Minaj: The Empire' in December 2016. The Young Money rapper functioned alongside gaming heavyweight Glu mobile to produce a competitor to popular apps by Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and also Katy Perry.

9. Once did Nicki Minaj date Safaree Samuels?

Nicki Minaj dated rapper Safaree Samuels for over 11 years! The former pair kept their relationship an enig in the at an early stage stages of her music career before going their separate methods in 2014. Minaj revealed the their messy separation left her "emotionally unstable". Picture: Getty

10. What is Nicki Minaj's net worth this year?

According come website Celebrity net Worth, Nicki Minaj is at this time worth end $80 million. The rapper's effective music job is likewise completed through a variety of savvy service moves, consisting of ventures right into the tech and also alcohol markets. Picture: Getty

11. Is Nicki Minaj dating Drake?

Nicki Minaj and also Drake have actually a long, complex history of connection rumours. Drake has previously confessed his love because that the brand-new York rapper and has additionally suggested the he want to marry she in the past. While Nicki Minaj has likewise played her part in fuelling rumours over the years. But the pair have never shown whether they have actually actually dated. Picture: Getty

12. Once did Nicki Minaj date Meek Mill?

Nicki Minaj date Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill for over two years prior to publicly announcing their separation on society media. The pair sparked a series of engagement rumours prior to eventually finishing their relationship in January 2017. Yet the factors behind their separation are still unknown.

13. Nicki Minaj started her music career in a lab group dubbed Hoodstars

There were three other members in the team – Lou$tar, Scagg Beezy and also 7even Up. The extent of their success to be recording the entrance track for WWE's Diva Victoria title Don't Mess through in 2004.

14. In 2007, Minaj exit her first mixtape Playtime Is Over.

Under the Dirty Money document label, Minaj go on the release two an ext mixtapes. Sucka totally free came in 2008 and also Beam Me up Scotty was released the year after.

15. In respectable 2009, Nicki Minaj signed through Young Money Entertainment

Once again, Nicki's tough work and strong talent supposed she was catching the right individuals eyes. This time it was Lil Wayne, who gained in touch and also took her over come Young Money – the very same label that dwellings Tyga and also Drake. Picture: Instagram

16. Minaj hooked up v Kanye West, stack Ross and Jay Z on 'Monster'.

A year prior to her album dropped Nicki got herself a city on a monitor with 3 of raps greatest players. Many regarded she verse top top Monster together the best, so at this point, everyone was waiting to check out what she come up v on the album.

17. Super bass was released as the album's fifth single in might 2011.

The solitary charted in ~ the top 10 in the US, UK, Australia, new Zealand and also Canada. As of might 2012 the single had sold more than 4 million digital copies and was certified 8x platinum.

18. Nicki Minaj's 2nd studio album Pink Friday: roman Reloaded to be released in April 2012

She announced that a second album was on the means in November 2011 on she Twitter page, and also eventually it come although it was two months later than at first planned.

19. The very first single off Pink Friday: roman inn Reloaded was Starships.

The solitary peaked at number 2 in the UK – a personal best because that Minaj, and also reached number 5 in the US. Starships walk on to end up being one that the year's best-selling singles.

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20. Walk Nicki Minaj have actually a boyfriend?

Nicki Minaj has had actually three renowned exes. Her very first public relationship was through her partner of 12 years Safaree Samuels. A couple of years ~ they break-up Nicki began dating she long-time girlfriend Meek Mill and also they dated because that over a year prior to she revealed the they'd split in January 2017. Nicki has actually been attached to Nas and has been playfully flirting online v Eminem, but is now married to childhood sweetheart Kenneth Petty. Picture: Getty

21. What movies has Nicki Minaj been in?

Nicki Minaj has starred in a number of films and animations choose "Barbershop: The next Cut," "The other Woman" and "Ice Age: A continental Drift." Picture: YouTube

22. What is Nicki Minaj and also Jay Z's relationship?

Nicki Minaj has always looked as much as Jay Z and sees him together a function model. In one interview v Marie Claire in 2016 she claimed that Jay Z inspires she so much that she believes that "anything he could do, I could do." Nicki is also one of the artist that are co-owners of Jay Z's digital streaming service Tidal. Picture: Getty

23. Who is Nicki Minaj's mother?

Nicki Minaj's mommy is referred to as Carol Maraj. She is married come husband Robert Maraj and has three children; Nicki Maraj, Jehlani Maraj and also Ming Maraj. Picture: Instagram

24. Go Nicki Minaj have a brand-new song v BTS?

Nicki Minaj has collaborated with BTS on an different version the their solitary 'Idol'. The variation featuring Nicki will be accessible to present on digital platforms, while the initial is the lead single taken from their brand-new album 'Love Yourself: Answer'. Rumours started after a video clip leaked online showing up to present somebody Shazamming the song.