The rapper gave birth to her an initial child critical year. But who is Nicki's young father?

Nicki Minaj offered birth to her first child in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Sept 30, 2020). The rapstress welcomed a small baby boy into the world.

How numerous siblings go Nicki Minaj have? who is Ming Maraj?

In the an initial image Nicki mutual of her infant boy, she described her kid as “Papa Bear". But fans room wondering who exactly is Nicki Minaj's infant daddy?

How old is Kenneth Petty?

Kenneth petty is right now 42-years-old.

Petty to be born on 7th April 1978 in kings City of brand-new York – where he grew up and also met Nicki Minaj.

What is Kenneth Petty's height?

According come Gossipgist, Kenneth petty is 1.81 m (5 feet and also 11 inches).

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