Medical cannabis in new York

If you’re interested in obtaining a clinical marijuana map in the state of new York, is here to overview you v the process. Every medical-use state has its very own program and set of regulations, for this reason make sure to follow our brand-new York-specific overview below.

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Application Assistance can aid you navigate the clinical marijuana applications process.



Getting Started

Before you start the medical marijuana application procedure in brand-new York, make sure you meet the adhering to requirements:

At least 18 year old OR a minor v a designated caregiver who is at least 18 year oldA legit resident of brand-new YorkA certified diagnosis from Illinois department of windy Health’s perform of debilitating problems by a healthcare professionalA bona fide connection with a clinical professional currently registered with brand-new York’s clinical marijuana program
action 1: work with a Practitioner

The an initial step in the clinical marijuana application procedure in brand-new York is to job-related with a clinical practitioner who can certify that you accomplish the criteria for a qualifying condition. The practitioner have the right to be a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner the is licensed to practice in brand-new York and registered v the state’s clinical marijuana program.

If your current practitioner is no registered with brand-new York’s medical marijuana regime and/or can not to assist in your applications process, girlfriend can contact a participating practitioner near you or a brand-new York-licensed cannabis telemedicine provider.


Not sure just how to speak to her doctor about medical marijuana? right here are a few tips for gaining the conversation started. 

Step 2: obtain Your patient Certification

Once you and also your medical practitioner have discussed your qualifying conditions, lock will complete a patience certification and also upload it come the new York department of health and wellness for approval. Friend will additionally receive a printed and also signed copy the the certification so that you can finish your portion of the digital application. 

Step 3: finish Your clinical Marijuana Application

After your practitioner submits your patient certificate, you’ll require to create an account top top and complete your application online.

The virtual application kind will request that you submit the practitioner certification type and proof of residency. There room a variety of ways come prove long-term or temporary residency in the state of brand-new York:

ID number native your new York State Driver"s license or brand-new York State Non-Driver identifier CardPhotocopy the a government-issued ID map that consists of your brand-new York State addressPhotocopy that a energy bill with a brand-new York State address that reflects proof of payment for at least two monthsPhotocopy that a present mortgage or lease reflecting residency in brand-new York State

Patients receiving therapy in new York for a qualifying medical problem can prove temporary residency by submitting a lease, energy bill, or hospital bill. 

Step 4: get Your Card

Once your application is submitted and approved, you’ll obtain a digital medical cannabis map to print and use for approximately 30 days. Your permanent, hard copy will certainly arrive in the mail in around 7-10 days.

Medical three patients in new York are allowed to designate increase to 2 caregivers who can purchase and carry out products on their behalf. Caregivers will additionally need come register and obtain your own medical marijuana card.

Interested in ending up being a patient caregiver. View our overview here.

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Step 5: Your an initial Dispensary Visit

You space eligible to visit any kind of state-licensed dispensary in brand-new York as shortly as you have actually your temporary card. There space a couple of things to know before making your an initial visit, so check out our guide to do your suffer as stress-free together possible.