The blood supply in the U.S. Is safer today than ever before before. Memorial Blood Centers, and also all various other blood banks, are closely monitored through the Food and Drug administration (FDA) and also closely monitor multiple level of safeguarding measures, including:

Physical check of the donor

Safe donation measures using sterile supplies

Comprehensive laboratory testing and also product labeling

The FDA regulates every step of blood preparation and visits Memorial Blood Centers yearly to ensure that each unit the blood is for sure for patients.

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How often can i donate?

You have the right to donate totality blood three to 4 times per year (every 56 days). In addition, you may qualify to donate simply one component of her blood by make a specialty donation of:

Can i schedule dual red cell, platelet, and plasma donations online?

As lengthy as you accomplish eligibility requirements, appointments for specialty donations deserve to be make online. Your Donor Specialist will let you know how to schedule your next specialty donation at your appointment. If you space not certain if you are eligible for a specialty donation, contact 1-888-GIVE-BLD to speak with one of our team members.

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Why am i charged because that blood at a hospital if I"ve donated blood?

Although we perform not charge for the blood product itself, Memorial Blood Centers is reimbursed through hospitals for the costs associated with all tasks involved in the process—from recruiting and also screening donors, collecting and processing each generous donation, to labeling, storage, and also distribution. Several of these expenses of these may include:

Equipment and supplies because that blood collection and also testing

Time and also talent listed by skilled interviewers who display potential donors, skilled phlebotomists who collect blood, highly-trained laboratory engineers who check donated blood to ensure the safety, and other professionals connected in our blood banking operations

Vehicles in our bloodmobile fleet and operating overhead because that donor centers

Each hospital, at its discretion, creates a fee schedule that could include additional charges concerned the administration of the blood detailed for transfusion, and may pass on these prices to patients.

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Do friend have another question?

Send it to us and among our skilled staff that blood banking experts will assist you find out an ext about blood, what it does, and why that is so vital to share this generous gift with rather in need.

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