Our writer to be desperate to rid it s her of her horrible spring allergies. For this reason she tried a Neti pot—and lived to phone call the (very strange) tale.

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April showers carry May flowers, and those damn flowers carry many of us the horror that is seasonal allergies.

With pollen coating everything from our cars come our clothes, day-to-day allergy medications oftentimes simply don’t cut it. Ns recently uncovered myself popping Claritin like an addict, organization in hand, clawing in ~ my eyes. Whatever itched: my eyes, mine throat, the bridge of mine nose, the roof of mine mouth, the insides of mine ears. My entire head was one giant, itchy mess.

Every year, i cross mine fingers and hope that this spring will certainly be different and I won’t wake up up through eyes that make me want to pull an Oedipus and also forget see forever. And also every year, I struggle with simply taking over-the-counter allergy medication. A couple of weeks earlier when I began suffering indigenous a ill throat due to postnasal drip, I uncovered myself wonder if there to be anything rather I might do.

If you check out our recent Ask the wellness Coach column, you understand that making use of a Neti pot can greatly assist allergy suffers. This teapot-shaped machine has been used for hundreds of years come clear out sinuses; a saltwater mixture is poured in through one nostril and comes the end the other. However this procedure tends come intimidate many people. That would actually do that?

I’m not most people, therefore I decided to offer it a shot. It assisted that ns was at my breaking point—if I come within a few feet of one more flower, i was walking to death someone. Most likely myself.

For allergy sufferers, it’s recommended that you usage the Neti pot twice a day: when in the morning once you wake up and once an hour before bed come ensure that nothing drips under your throat while you sleep. Ns generally negative with routines, yet I figured it would be precious it if the worked.

I won’t lie and say the emotion of putting water through your sleep passages isn’t strange since it definitely is. I was always the boy that was afraid to jump in the swimming pool without holding mine nose, so deliberately putting water somewhere the I’ve avoided because that years of my life felt totally wrong. Yet although the procedure of utilizing a Neti pot might be foreign, ns actually discovered that yes sir something calming around it. Standing at the restroom sink, tilting mine head to one side, watching the water stream out with my nostril … it is a lover visual, right?

Since the routine wasn’t something I wanted my roommate to capture me doing, i was left come scurry approximately my apartment hiding mine shiny blue genie lamp. I’d purchase a Neti pot kit at CVS because that a mere $14.99, and also it came through 50 helpfully premeasured packets that a salt chloride and also sodium bicarbonate mixture to include to eight ounces of lukewarm water. The water have to be previously boiled or distilled, of course, and feels finest when that is heated up just a little.

The biggest piece of advice i can provide is to make sure you store your head tilted forward as soon as rinsing. If girlfriend lean her head back, you’ll quickly realize why this is necessary to remember: the salty equipment will run down her throat rather of through your nasal passages. Ns was amused to find that utilizing a Neti pot in reality takes some coordination, miscellaneous I typically lack, however with exercise I was conveniently able to understand it.

Gross spoiler alert: I additionally found that it is most valuable to blow her nose prior to switching come the other nostril. Through blowing your nose in between flushes, and also after she finished, you will do it be certain to cleanse your nose most thoroughly. This will certainly rid your device of an ext allergens and also therefore relieve more of your symptoms.

I’m happy to report that a week after I began using mine Neti pot (in conjunction with taking my allergy medicine, I should add), my symptoms have totally disappeared. That a great feeling to be able to enjoy the blossoming plants quite than hide away indoors.

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A Neti pot is often confused with Aladdin’s lamp, and I think people might it is in onto something. Maybe there is something magical associated after all.