So ns purchased a swarm Protect yesterday, and I favor the idea of being able to check out alerts when away indigenous home, and also the clean voice is nice; however, I have actually some buyers remorse. The activity sensing doesn’t show up to work, so the path light feature is not working. It likewise really doesn’t detect what I need it to, the being herbal gas. I should have actually figured this out before I to buy it, but I to be unaware that CO2 detectors because that the most part do not detect herbal gas. We had actually a scare the various other night and came home to an apartment filled v gas native the oven that to be left on unlit. It to be a an extremely scary case to to speak the least, so i rushed out and got the swarm Protect. Any type of input from home owners with natural gas would certainly be lot appreciated. It would certainly be nice to monitor this when away indigenous home.

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I observed this:, however I’m unsure as soon as it comes out or if the will job-related with clever Things. I’d choose to have something now.

That’s a cool device. Should keep one eye on the one. Ns don’t; see any mention of one API, though, nor do I view it mentioned on your website -

Odd the your movement detection doesn’t job-related with the swarm Protects. I have actually a number of them about the house and also they job-related beautifully. I ended up transforming the lights up to high and also have not had actually a single issue v them, even the people on the 10ft ceilings. I usage them close to all the entries/exits and also outside mine bedroom door (for those midnight snack trips). I’d make certain they have the latest firmware (mine are running 2.0rc5).

As for detection, probably something like: and a binary sensor ?

You’d have to do some straightforward soldering, yet doesn’t look too crazy.

I just did the me test and also it functions now. Weird.

As because that the detection, how tough would it be to hook the binary sensor and do the crucial programming to make it job-related with that natural gas detector? could it present a status choose the defend (gas level okay) etc…

I would really favor it if they had the natural gas detection easily accessible with ST due to the fact that I have a gas dryer and also water heater and also stove.

Off the optimal of mine head, I would say pretty easy as long as already handles binary (on/off) sensors (which seems like what a window sensor is):

Find the “all ok/power” led +/- and solder the binary sensor to that.Hook the binary sensor come so that you have the right to see as soon as the machine is on and ok.Then you collection up a “Notify me when…” action to send you a push notice if the binary sensor transforms off (which would show either a power failure, device unplug, or miscellaneous is “not ok” - every one of which room potential difficulties situations).

I haven’t done this, for this reason it’s just an idea banging about at the moment, however maybe someone else has collection up a similar on/off status type project?

Good idea. If just we might tap in to the actual organic gas levels the the an equipment is reading. I got to out to Kepler around a relax date and also on api/smart points compatibility and also am wait on a response. Release date is scheduled sometime next year.

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Looks like they space still functioning hard:


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