NASHVILLE, TN ( - Award-winning radio hold Bobby Bones has announced his involvement through Music City Baseball (MCB), a group acquiring traction in its commitment to develop a major league baseball team in Nashville. 

Bobby Joins has actually joined rank with other notable figures pushing because that Music City to sign up with in on significant League Baseball. Justin Timberlake, Darius Rucker, Luke Combs, and also Eddie George (to surname a few) are the community advisory board with Bones providing experienced counsel for MCB.

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NASHVILLE ( - Three-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist Darius Rucker has joined Music City Baseball (MCB) as an investor and also Music Advisory…

“I’m dazzling to sign up with the initiative to bring major League Baseball to Nashville,” skeletal said. “Nashville is 2nd to no one in uniting sports and also music, making that the perfect location for a significant League team. Ns look front to involvement Music City Baseball’s initiatives to honor the incredible background of the Nashville Stars, as well as pave the means for the future the MLB in Nashville.”

MCB is at the head of raising enough private investments to bring MLB come Music City, staying clear of any help from the government.


Nashville has a rich background with baseball as well as bringing a long history of diversity come the nationwide sport. MCB has already established a partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum as part of the equity, inclusion, and also diversity Nashville"s baseball was constructed on. 

The prospective MLB team because that Music City would certainly be dubbed the "Nashville Stars." with the enhancement of Bobby Bones, maybe Nashville is one step close to receiving its very own team. 

"Bobby is going come play a an essential role in helping united state generate excitement bordering bringing a team here. His energy and also enthusiasm approximately the reason is unmatched and also we are thrilled to have actually him sign up with our leadership team," stated John Loar, managing Director that Music City Baseball.


Nashville singer and also songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny has actually joined the Music market Advisory board for Music City Baseball; furthering momentum of bringing a MLB team come Nashville. 


Marshall Benson

Producer for News4. A California transplant, Marshall offers west shore sunshine to shed light top top Nashville"s break news.


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