NAOMI Campbell has become a mommy at the age of 50, surprising fans approximately the world.

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The supermodel shared a photo of she newborn daughter yesterday and wrote: “A beautiful small blessing has actually chosen me to be she mother.


Naomi Campbell announced she's end up being a mum in ~ the age of 50Credit: Naomi/youtube

“So honoured to have actually this gentle heart in mine life there room no native to describe the lifelong bond the I now share with you mine angel.

"There is no greater love.”

The famous confront tagged her mum Valerie Morris-Campbell in the write-up but didn't reveal any type of other details.

However, Naomi is stated to be living in new York with a secret boyfriend, that she will certainly raise the infant with.


She revealed the news with this gorgeous snapshot of her daughter's feetCredit: society Media - refer to Source

Friends said they believe that Naomi supplied a surrogate.

And This Morning's Dr Zoe said The sunlight it's "extremely rare" for a mrs of 50 year old to loss pregnant naturally.

So, after year of wild partying, finishing up in trouble with the police, and dating miscellaneous men, why is it now that Naomi want to resolve down?

Looking for grandfather Right

Naomi was apparently really keen to have youngsters with her irreversible boyfriend, Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin, that she date from 2008 come 2013.


Naomi want to have youngsters with Vladislav Doronin - but he to be marriedCredit: Getty - Contributor

A friend told the Mail: "She was ruined not to have a baby v Doronin and he was her good love, however he didn't desire to commit, so in a way this is no surprise.

"She has talked a lot about having children, and also feeling an extremely maternal, yet did say that it simply was not going to occur for her."

Following the relationship, Naomi frequently spoke of her desire to have a infant - v or there is no a partner - and once said “science” can help her to have one at any type of age.

She claimed in 2014: “I execute want to have actually children, whether I have a man or not. Ns will have actually it on mine own.”


Naomi was date rapper Skepta before her secret new boyfriendCredit: Splash News

Three year later, speaking to ES Magazine, Naomi said: “I think around having kids all the time.

"But currently with the method science is ns think I have the right to do it as soon as I want.”

She also explained just how she didn't desire to it is in a single parent, continuing: "I execute want a father figure. I think it's important.

"It's the way I feel today, sitting here talking come you."


She likewise had a fling with previous One Directioner Liam Payne in 2019

Recently she dated rapper Skepta and had a fling with previous One Direction star Liam Payne in 2019.

But it appears her new an enig boyfriend might be the father figure she was looking for.

Always to be maternal

According to pals, Naomi was influenced to have a baby reasonably late in life by other supermodel, and an excellent friend, Iman, now 65.

She had her daughter Lexi in 2000 age 45, after tying the knot with music legend David Bowie.

Naomi was inspired to it is in a mum in ~ a later period by she close friend, ImanCredit: Getty - Contributor

But Naomi has constantly been maternal, and constantly knew she wanted children.

In 2018, she said: "I'd love to have kids. Ns don't discount anything in life. I love kids and always will.

"When I'm approximately children, I come to be a boy myself. That's the small girl i don't ever want come lose."

Naomi has constantly been maternal and also visited orphanages for much more than a decadeCredit: Getty - Contributor
Naomi seen through some children at one orphanage she visitedCredit: Getty

Naomi has actually undertaken charitable work-related in orphanages for an ext than a decade, and says it provides her a maternal feeling as soon as she's there.

A friend said: "She has constantly been really maternal and always cries when she visits orphanages.

"She has close ties come one in Kenya, where they dubbed a baby Naomi ~ her.

An orphanage in Kenya called one that the babies Naomi, after herCredit: Getty

"But she said at the time: 'I will certainly be in this child's life because that ever yet I am no going to take on her'.

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"She is a spiritual person and always said that it wasn't God's will certainly for her and also that she accepted that a baby was not in her path.

"Obviously she has changed her mind."

Her 'chosen family'

Despite no having kids of her very own until now, Naomi has an ext than a dozen godchildren, to who she is close.

She calls this youngsters who she mentors her "children", and refers to them together her "chosen family".