At the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada, a 14-year-old Romanian dynamo recorded the hearts and minds the the human being with her daring and perfection. We pertained to know her simply as “Nadia.”

By the time the 1976 Olympics ended, Comaneci had actually earned seven perfect tens, 3 gold medals, one bronze, one silver and countless fans. She appeared on the consist of of TIME, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated–all in the exact same week–and returned home to Romania to a heroine’s welcome.

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Four years later at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Comaneci earn two much more gold medals and also two silver- to bring her Olympic complete to ripe medals–five gold, 3 silver and also one bronze. In 1996, Comaneci was inducted into the global Gymnastics room of Fame. 

In April 1996, Comaneci married American Olympic Champion Bart Conner in a Romanian state wedding. On June 3, 2006, Conner and also Comaneci invited their son, Dylan Paul Conner, into the world.

Comaneci now divides her time among appearances, commercial endorsements for significant companies, speaking engagements and charity events. In December that 2003, Nadia wrote a book called letters to a Young Gymnast, detailing her inspirational story.

Currently, Nadia and Bart are company partners v their manager, Paul Ziert, in the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy, worldwide Gymnast magazine, Perfect 10 Productions, Inc. (a TV production company) and also Grips, Etc. (a gymnastics supply company).



In 1999, Comaneci was honored by alphabet News and also Ladies’ residence Journal as among the 100 Most important Women that the 20th Century. Comanec continues to take trip the people as a an international Ambassador for special Olympics International, and serves as a starting member that the board of the Laureus sporting activities for good Foundation. She frequently returns to Romania to assistance her Nadia Comaneci Foundation, and also the Nadia Comaneci children’s Clinic in Bucharest.

Even despite Nadia winner a total of ripe Olympic medals, five of them gold, she will constantly be remembered at the an initial gymnast come score a perfect 10 and leave her indelible note on the background of the Olympics.

On June 3, 2006, Conner and also Comaneci welcomed their son, Dylan Paul Conner, right into the world.

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Today, Conner and also Comaneci continue to take trip the human being delivering inspirational speeches as well as promoting their charities, gymnastics, fitness and healthy lifestyles.