Applying to poll Absentee by Mail

After applying, you can check to view if your absentee applications was received,and whether her ballot to be sent and also received through going come ourCitizen Portal.

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If you have actually submitted one absentee ballot application for a ballot to be sent out by mail, you deserve to track her ballot through logging intoBallot Scout.

If you room a voter in Fairfax County and also submitted an application to poll absentee, pleasetrack your ballot here.

You Can likewise Submit her "Vote by Mail" Application type By Mail, Fax, Or Email

Download and also complete theAbsentee Application form (En Español) (Tiếng Việt) (한 국어)After the registrar processes your application, you will get your ballot in the mail.Please note:ballots deserve to be mailed the end to applicants starting 45 days prior to the pertinent election date.Carefully review the instructions come complete and return her ballot to your local registrar through 7:00 p.m. On election Day. If you room returning her ballot by-mail, it must be postmarked top top or prior to Election Day and received by her registrar by noon on the 3rd day after ~ the election.You may also return her absentee ballot come a drop-off location. For much more information top top drop-off areas in your locality, review your absentee ballot instructions.For federal see section titled"**Special commonwealth ID Requirementsfor Certain an initial Time Absentee By mail Voters."

** one-of-a-kind Federal ID needs For Certain very first Time Absentee By mail Voters

For persons that registered to poll in by mail, federal law requires them to show identification (ID) once voting for the first time in a commonwealth election if they did not send a copy of among these IDs with their voter registration applications. Recent regulation has removed the distinctions in acceptable identification for in-person voting. Therefore, the special federal ID needs only apply to specific absentee voters by mail that will be informed by a notice explaining the needs sent with their absentee ballot. Voters who obtain a notice about this one-of-a-kind requirements need to include a copy of any type of of the following species of ID v the poll ballot:

A current and also valid photograph ID (for example a driver’s license);or a present utility bill, financial institution statement, government check or paycheck that reflects name and address;or another government file that shows name and deal with (for example a voter card). If the voter returns an absentee ballot through mail without a copy of one of these forms of ID, the absentee ballot will certainly be treated together a provisional ballot and counted only if the voter gives a copy of ID come the electoral board by the attributed applicable to every voters.

If the voter return an absentee ballot by mail without a copy of one of these develops of ID, the absentee ballot will be treated together a provisional ballot and counted only if the voter offers a copy that ID come the electoral plank by the meeting applicable to every voters.

Emergency Absentee voting (Code of gendergeek.org24.2-705)

There are two straightforward types that emergency absentee vote with different procedures because that each. You can print a copy of the emergency absentee ballot application utilizing the linkhere:

1. Emergency Absentee Voting because of Hospitalization, Illness, or other EmergencyELIGIBILITY

You may cast an emergency absentee ballot if among the complying with situations uses to you:

You were unable to apply for one absentee ballot by the deadline because of your hospitalization or illness, or the hospitalization, illness, or fatality of a spouse, child, or parent, or various other emergency uncovered to justification receipt of one emergency absentee ballot; orYou will be unable to vote on choice Day as result of your hospitalization or illness, the hospitalization, disease or fatality of a spouse, child, or parent, or other emergency uncovered to justification receipt of one emergency absentee ballot that arisen after the attributed for applying for an absentee ballot.VOTER REQUIREMENTSYou may request to vote emergency absentee at any kind of time before 2:00 pm on the day coming before the electionIf you space approved because that an emergency ballot, your general registrar shall provide the absentee ballot to her designated representative for distribution to youYou shall note the ballot in the existence of her designated representativeThe ballot shall it is in counted only if the ballot is got by the general registrar prior to the nearby of polls2. Emergency Absentee Voting as result of Unexpected ObligationELIGIBILITYYou may actors an emergency absentee ballot if you room either one officer the election that was assigned ~ 12:00pm on the Saturday before the election to job-related in a precinct various other than your own; orYou had an obligation arise ~ 12:00 pm on the Saturday prior to the choice due either to; 1) her business, profession, or occupation; 2) the hospitalization of you or a member that your immediate family; or 3) the fatality of a member that your immediate family.VOTER REQUIREMENTSYou need to apply and vote in human by 2:00pm top top the day preceding the election.

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Early poll In-Person

You have the right to vote early on at your local registrar’s office start 45 days before Election Day and ending the Saturday before Election Day. Before visiting your neighborhood registrar’s office,you might wish tocheck her registration statusor speak to your registrar’s office. Friend can uncover your registrar’s phone numberhere. To vote early in-person, carry out the following:

Starting 45 days before Election Day, visit your regional registrar’s office or a satellite voting ar in your county or city to vote early. Remember, the Saturday before Election work is the last day to vote early.You do not have to have a factor or fill the end an application to poll early.At the registrar’s office or satellite poll location, you must administer your name and attend to and show an acceptable type of i would or sign an ID confirmation Statement. To watch a finish list of agree IDs, please visit ourpage. If acceptable identification is not provided, you need to sign an ID check Statement or a provisional ballot will be offered and also you are allowed until the Friday at noon following the election to administer a copy of acceptable identification come the electoral plank or signan ID confirmation Statement. Provisional voters receive a notice to repeat them the the deadline and also right to attend the electoral plank meeting.Accessible equipment and/or curbside voting is obtainable upon request.