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When Miranda Lambert winner the Grammy for ideal Country Album on march 14, 2021, she husband, Brendan McLoughlin, was by she side come celebrate the momentous occasion.

"I can not be much more proud the this wonderful woman I acquire to speak to my wife," the gushed top top Instagram. "Last night you continue to present the people how being true to you yourself rewards you. City hall this album go from being just a thought to celebrating your Grammy win was magical. I cannot wait to be a component of the future magic friend create."

The 2 tied the node in January 2019 three months after meeting in new York City and also the couple recently celebrated two years of marriage. However who precisely is Miranda Lambert"s husband? check out on for 7 facts about Brendan McLoughlin.

He's a new York City police officer.

McLoughlin is in legislation enforcement, and also he in reality met Lambert when on the job. She to be performing ~ above Good Morning America, while he was assigned to a adjacent area. "My husband was doing defense there because that the show," she told the New York Times. "My girlfriends, the Annies, experienced him and knew I can be ready to cave out with someone. They invite him come our display behind my back."

But the seems favor it turn out just fine. McLoughlin walk on an "authorized leaving of absence" in July 2019 for factors we'd assume were regarded Lambert.

He's indigenous Staten Island.

He"s a city young at heart, born in raised in NYC. However he traded in the big Apple for cowboy boots and moved to Nashville v Lambert. He regularly jokes around it on his Instagram, with also his bio reading "City go country."

He has something in common with her parents.

McLoughlin and Lambert"s parents probably have actually a lot to talk around because Lambert"s parents space both in law enforcement, too! according to People, Lambert"s dad Rick to be a homicide and narcotics cop in Dallas, before beginning a detective agency called Lambert & Lambert with Lambert"s mommy Bev.

A friend of the singer told People their quick connection made total sense. “If friend knowMiranda’s dad and also his background, you can guess why she’d easily connect with Brendan."

He's a dad.

McLoughlin is likewise a father to a two-year-old son, whom he shares with his ex Kaihla Rettinger. And also Lambert loves being a stepmom, according to Extra.

“My stepson is amazing,” Miranda stated in one interview. “I'm loving that whole phase, and also I've elevated a million dogs, so i feel favor I've obtained that part of mine womanly/motherly thing is full, so this is a whole new journey. It's great.”

He's in among her music videos.

McLoughlin starred in Lambert's music video clip for her song "Settling Down," and their chemistry is palpable throughout the totality video. Once asked why she actors him in the video? Well, it just seemed like the logical choice. “I think we recognize why we had actually him in mine video…" she said throughout the live Q&A on YouTube. "Because he’s yes, really pretty and also I essential a video clip babe and he was there, so ns mean, it just operated out.”

the is Miranda's take trip companion.

Lambert is well-known to go on the road from time to time in a vintage trailer and also now McLoughlin is along for the ride. In 2020, the 2 purchased one Airstream caravan to roadway trip and also travel roughly the country.

"Just since I can not travel and play mirrors doesn’t typical I can’t travel and make music," she composed on Instagram. "I have the many amazing take trip companion, my husband, and we decided to include a household member. Y’all meet 'The Sheriff.'"

They travel to California for the Grammys in march 2021 and also she posted a cute take self to commemorate their trip. "California dreamin,'" she wrote.

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they share a love because that animals.

Lambert is well-known for adopting rescue dogs and McLoughlin likewise has a soft spot for their fur babies. With each other they have a farm wherein all their pets live—from dogs and also cats to equines to cows, they have actually it all.

And they're all a component of the family. The pair even had their furry friends on your 2020 vacation card. "Merry Christmas y’all!" she wrote. "Thelma, Louise, Jessi, Bellamy, Delta, Cher, Tequila, Macaroni, Gibson, Leiani, Sophie, Titan, Ellie, Adriana, street Pie & the chicken in Coop De Ville!"