Welcome to the family! Miley Cyrus’ brother Braison Cyrus and his mam Stella McBride’s an initial child landed on Tuesday, June 8.

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Braison announced the news via Instagram three days later on alongside the first glimpse of their small one. “Bear opportunity Cyrus to be born June 8th, 2021 in ~ 10:05 PM. That is 9 lbs and also 22 inches of pure joy,” he composed on Friday, June 11. “God poured every little of his mercy, tenderness, beauty and also strength right into Bear and also
stellamcyrus during her herculean feat that birthing him. I’m so blessed that he and his mommy are healthy and also couldn’t be much more amazed by her strength and also bravery.”

He continued: “I am past grateful come the employee at the hospital and also to our friends and family providing us encouragement and also support. God is so good. Hallelujah.”

The couple shared their pregnancy news in December 2020 v a Christmas-themed reveal. “Extremely blessed and grateful come say the
stellamcyrus and I room expecting our first child,” the actor, 27, captioned one Instagram photo of himself and the visual merchandiser in front of a decorated tree holding ultrasound photos. “This is ours son and also he’s due in June. Love this little dude so lot already.”


Miley Cyrus plunder Latour/Shutterstock

Miley, 28, commented her congratulations at the time, calling herself “Aunt Swinkle.”

In a post of she own, McBride opened up up about how she “difficult year” carried her “the biggest gift the life.” She gushed, “I can not wait to meet our baby boy this summer and also watch him spread out light and happiness come those approximately him. You’re walk to be the finest dad ever.”

The couple, that wed in November 2019 in Tennessee, commemorated the “halfway” allude of the O’More university of architecture grad’s pregnancy the following month. “That’s wild,” she wrote via Instagram, noting the she would certainly no much longer be put on “non-maternity leggings.”

The then-pregnant star ongoing documenting she budding belly’s progress, native bathing suit photos to infant shower pictures.

Braison wished McBride a happy Mother’s day in May, two months after ~ gushing about how “proud” he to be of she for moving their infant boy.


Stella McBride and also Braison Cyrus Courtesy the Stella McBride Cyrus/Instagram

“Watching this tiny life grow inside that
stellamcyrus is incredible,” he composed via Instagram in March. “I love friend so much and you’re therefore beautiful. Seeing your challenge with your pregnant light makes beginning everyday a many easier.”

The “Glass in between Us” singer proposed to McBride in November 2018 after much less than one year that dating. “She stated yes,” Braison called his Instagram pendant at the time. “My life has adjusted in so numerous amazing ways this year yet the most amazing has actually been meeting and falling in love v you. I love you with all my heart and I can not wait come marry girlfriend

While celebrating their very first wedding anniversary in November 2020, the Tennessee native wrote that he to be “looking front to eternity” through his bride.

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Braison gushed, “I swore come you one year ago that I would walk hand in hand v you through this whole life. Yesterday was the anniversary of the vow i made come
stellamcyrus, the love of my life, my ideal friend and also my favorite person in the whole world. The promise i made come you and also God over will never be broken. No matter what, I’ll never ever let go of her hand. Ns love friend so much.”

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