I recently acquired into "The Office" around a pair months ago, and also I reached the finish of season seven to discover that Michael Scott leaves Scranton. In ~ first, I assumed this to be temporary, yet soon establish after watching many of season 8 the he hasn't returned. Ns made a real bond through Michael as a character, and also "The Office" feeling bland there is no him. If he doesn't come back, to be there a particular reason why Steve Carrel couldn't do the present anymore, or go the directors just remove him since they believed he was old. Thanks.

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He hasn't presented up yet, and I doubt that will, uneven for the finale. Season 8, to be probably, on mine opinion the show's worst, up till the last couple episodes. Season 9 has been quite great and consistent, probably for the reality that Greg Daniels is earlier (nothing against Paul Lieberstein).

As far as I'm aware, Carell's contract to be up until the end of Season 7. He wished come stick come it, and wanted come do more movies, for this reason a decent amount have actually come out since his departure.

Thanks, to be there any particular reason you discovered season 8 bad? To it is in honest, I believed it's been bad since Michael left, through the exceptions of a couple episodes. I'm on the beginning of 8, do you think if i skip it, I would certainly still acquire the story-line the season 9?

Steve Carell actually has a an enig uncredited cameo in "Trivia" (Episode 11): http://i.imgur.com/2BMnJY4.jpg

As for whether Michael Scott will ever before appear, both the producers and also Carell have been denying the he'll return before the collection Finale yet everyone thinks that they're trying come trick us.

Whilst ns did think it to be him also in the scene, I believe they denounced the theory, could still be, however 'officially' the isn't.

He left due to the fact that he wanted to other things. Native what ns hear shoot a 22-24 episode collection is exhausting for everyone involved. Girlfriend have little time come do lot else. The composing was declining, however yet there to be no end in vision so because that those factors he left.

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He has actually repeatedly claimed there will be no much more michael the his last illustration is the finale because that the character and also coming earlier would ruin that. While i agree, its not a finale without Michael. Its a shame the A, castle didn't just finish the show when Mike left, and also B he cant also be bothered to carry out one episode for the show that made that a star.

The Office united state is quintessentially American, in that went on much longer than it have to have, and also follows pretty lot all the conventional life events of a struggle sitcom. Will certainly we ever learn. NO due to the fact that there's money to be milked bitches. MERICA