Multiple photographs purporting to display a border wall surface between Mexico and also Guatemala actually photo barriers in various other parts the the world.

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Published26 respectable 2015

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The proffered photo displayed above therefore walk not show the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Ironically, that depicts a fence along the boundary in between the unified States and also Mexico in southeastern Arizona.

The photograph was taken by Matt Clark and also published to the Defenders the Wildlife Blog in 2013. While the image is frequently passed about online in referral to arguments around immigration, Clark originally shared that photo (and others) to illustrate just how a border fence influence wildlife:


 I when spotted and photographed a family members of javelinas ~ above the U.S./Mexico border near the san Pedro river in south-east Arizona. V my camera lens, ns watched the silhouette of one adult javelina cautiously approach the ominous border wall, and stop v a grunt. It to be a haunting image. I can’t pretend to recognize what natural instinct lugged the javelina come the border that day, however seeing those wild creatures literally cut off from their habitat by a steel wall stretching on because that miles beyond sight — that really stuck with me.

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Ironically, ~ above a prior visit come this very same location, ns was guided by a local landowner come a spot whereby someone had actually used a basic nylon rope come scale and also defeat the wall in seconds. Walls, no matter exactly how tall and well-reinforced, will never succeed in maintaining determined human being from crossing the border illegally. Sadly though, these very same walls will, and also do, prevent wildlife in their tracks, denying castle the territory, resources and also genetic exchange they need in order come survive and also adapt in the arid setting of the borderlands.

A second similar photo of a presume border fence in between Mexico and Guatemala circulated on society media in in march 2016, together with text questioning even if it is America shouldn’t have the same appropriate to develop a barbed cable fence (presumably follow me the U.S.-Mexican border) in order to keep out “freeloaders”:

That image likewise had nothing to do with either Mexico and also Guatemala: it’s actually a picture of a fence the Israel developed in 2013 along their border through Egypt (near the Red Sea resort town of Eilat) in order to keep terrorists and also illegal African immigrants from crossing into Israel:

Yet one more iteration that this image circulated in might 2016 contained a photo of however another wall surface that had actually nothing to do with Mexico or Guatemala, however was rather a photo of a portion of the Israeli West financial institution barrier: