Learn more about the ‘Braveheart’ actor’s family, which is composed of ripe children, who he had with three various women.

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Mel Gibson,65, is has starred in a variety of classic films throughout his virtually 40-year-long career. Many moviegoers most likely think of him for leading functions in movies favor 1995’s Braveheart (which he additionally directed) or as the manager for films like 2016’sHacksaw Ridge. Even with a prolific career, Mel has uncovered plenty that time to have children and raise a family. His children range in period from 4 to your 40s. Learn more about the actor’s kids!




Edward’s twin brother is a little an ext public on his social media. Christian adhered to his father right into the movie industry, but he often tends to stay directly behind the camera. He’s to be a camera operator top top a range of TV shows and movies, favor Netflix’sBird Box,Coyote, and also his dad’s filmHacksaw Ridge. His Instagram is loaded through stunning behind-the-scenes photos from productions he’s worked on.


William to be Mel and Robyn’s third son. He was born in 1985. He additionally leads a really private life and has remained virtually entirely out of the general public eye, despite his dad gift high-profile star.


In 1988, Mel and also Robyn had actually their 4th sonLouie Gibson. Louie seemed motivated by his dad, specifically by Mel’s directorial work. Louie has actually written, directed and produced because that both TV and movies. His very first feature film that he wrote, edited and also directed to be 2017’s Happy Hunting,according to his IMDb. Louie also directed and also wrote the upcoming movieManifest West, which will star his brotherMilo, 30. Milo revealed that he and Louie offered to do movies together as soon as they to be youngsters in a 2018 interview withThe Hollywood Reporter.


Milo in ~ the premiere that ‘Hurricane’ in 2018. (Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock)

Mel and Robyn’s child Milo was another one who complied with in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting. Besides acting in his brother’s upcoming movie, Milo make his attribute film debut in 2016 in his dad’s flick Hacksaw Ridge. Other than the movies with his household members, Milo starred in the 2018 comedyBreaking & Exiting and also the 2021 sports-drama Under The stadion Lights.

Milo claimed that Mel was very encouraging that him follow a career in acting. He stated that the finest advice his dad provided him to be to “be honest” in one interview withThe Hollywood Reporter. “Something that stuck with me was, when you’re working, to be truthful to her character and emulate castle as lot as possible, and of course, have fun. Forget the camera is there,” the said.

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Mel and also Robyn’s youngest child together is Thomas, that was born in 1999. Mel and Robyn separated in 2006, and also the pair later divorce in 2009, when Thomas to be ten-years-old. Not lot else is known around Thomas.