They had actually a planned baby together and got pregnant yet after a fight, Eddie Murphy claimed he didn't understand who the dad of Mel B's kid was.

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Like a true "gentleman," together Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B described him, Eddie Murphy flew the end to ask she father if he could take she hand in marriage. The 2 of them to be immensely happy come tie the knot and also were even much more ecstatic as soon as they uncovered out they to be pregnant. Yet one big argument in between them broke them apart, causing Murphy denying that Mel B was bearing his child.

"He asked my dad if he can take his daughter’s hand in marriage. He flew my dad in and also he request him, properly. He is a gentleman. Then us designed part rings together and then we planned the baby and we acquired pregnant – and also then ns felt suffocated," the Spice Girls tape member said in one interview, as quoted by Mirror.

It was soon after she got pregnant in 2006 when they started having actually problems. Over there were additionally sources that revealed the Mel B would certainly butt heads v Murphy"s mom Lillian, among other issues they had.

For Mel B, Eddie Murphy was nothing prefer the other males she had been with; he to be loving and romantic. Yet her independence ended up being a topic of your argument, together reported by The Guardian. Murphy and Mel B to be arguing about buying a house; return she wanted them to buy the home together, Murphy wanted to buy the residence forher. And this brought about the singer walking the end on him and taking the next flight to Leeds.

According come Mel B, her setup was to constantly return to him however while she was there, she didn"t return any type of of his calls and also he was stated to have actually assumed that it was the end of your relationship. "I thought he knew ns was comes back. I was always coming back. The was a given," Mel B said.

But while she to be away and also not returning his calls, pregnant Mel B saw Murphy do a shocking statement around their baby and denied the he to be the father."I don’t understand whose kid that is until it come out and also has a blood test," Murphy told a reporter at the time. When Mel B ultimately gave bear to their baby, Angel, a DNA test showed that Murphy, indeed, to be the father.

At first, Murphy go not have actually the kind of relationship with their baby that Mel B wanted yet with time, she revealed the the father and daughter began spending an ext time together.

"Angel did view her dad over the 10 years, but not as lot as i would have actually wanted," Mel B called ET in 2018. "...The last two years, point of view goes over there every various other week -- at any time she wants, holidays, anytime -- and also they have actually a really good, solid relationship and I"m for this reason happy around that."

The relationship between Murphy and Mel B has also improved. After Murphy support her through her divorce with ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, the two were earlier to being on good terms. "Relations v Mel and also Eddie have actually improved considerably, they space on great terms," a resource told Mirror. "Mel’s divorce with Stephen has brought her closer to Eddie, who just wants to aid as lot as he can."

In the snapshot below, Murphy was pictured v Angel, together with his nine various other children, follow to Today.

When Murphy formerly spoke about his 10 children, the said, "I really acquired lucky through my kids. There really isn’t a poor one in the bunch, anyone turned out to it is in really great people," according to People.

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Although Murphy is currently an active part of Angel"s life, his romance with Mel B ended with their fallout in 2006. However, years later, when Mel B to be asked by ET whether she still love him, the singer said, "I constantly will."

"It is a beautiful love story. Ns didn"t have the perfect happy ending yet it had actually an ending that is OK."

According come People, when she showed up onGood Morning Britainand spoke to master Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Mel B said that Muprhy "always will be" the "great love" of she life.

"We were madly in love and also we’ve acquired a gorgeous daughter come prove it," she told Steve Harvey, according to us Weekly. "And currently everything’s good!"

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