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Is Megalodon in the Mariana Trench?

No. It's a optimistic idea, but modern science tells united state that the Megalodon Shark go extinct thousands of years ago. For this reason why carry out some human being think it might still exist in the Mariana Trench and also other deep places in the ocean?

This is partly due to some renowned novels composed on the subject, yet the logic below sort of makes sense. Megalodon was a 60-foot shark that pursued near shore and fed on huge whales and other maritime creatures. Obviously, if such a creature still exist it would be visible and well known. This truth alone is sufficient for many researchers to conclude that Megalodon is extinct.

So, loyalty reason, if Megalodon still exists it have to have developed to live what it is seldom seen. The Mariana Trench is about as remote together it gets, and even a huge shark would be an extremely hard come find.

As we will see, there space a couple of problems v this story.

What Is the Mariana Trench?

The Mariana Trench is a huge canyon in the Earth's crust and also the deepest component of the ocean. Situated in the west Pacific, it runs because that over 1,500 miles yet averages only a bit an ext than 40 mile across.

The Mariana Trench was created by a geological process called subduction. In this case, the Pacific tectonic bowl is moving an extremely slowly to the west, and pressure is pushing it down right into the Earth's crust where it meets the Philippine Plate. Far to the east, the brand-new ocean floor is created by volcanic activity.

So, the Pacific s floor is choose a huge conveyor belt, progressively marching westward over time, whereby it is recycled right into the depths of the Mariana Trench. This makes the s floor in the Mariana Trench the oldest in the world, dating back around 180 million years.

At the deepest, in ~ a spot referred to as Challenger Deep, the Marina Trench procedures over 35,000 feet. Through comparison, that's about 6,000 feet deeper 보다 Mount Everest is tall.

Is that really possible a shark can live at those depths? walk anything live at those depths?


Deep-sea creatures like the Lanternfish room likely way too tiny to sustain a Megalodon Shark.

Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

What lives in the Mariana Trench?

For Megalodon come live in the Marina Trench the would require an plentiful food supply.

Humans have only travel to the bottom that Challenger Deep twice. The is a forbidding landscape, and also not very hospitable to a predatory shark. At that depth, the only life is tiny amphipods, i m sorry wouldn't even rate together a snack because that Megalodon.

Starting at approximately 13,000 feet we watch deep-sea fish start to emerge, however these too are lot too little to sustain a biology as big as Megalodon.

To uncover anything close come a prey item for a 60-foot Megalodon we should come increase to approximately 8,000 feet, i m sorry is the deepest whales are well-known to dive. A Sperm Whale would certainly surely make a enjoy the meal for a Megalodon.

In fact, one of Megalodon's old competitors was a substantial predatory Sperm Whale with foot-long teeth well-known as Livyatan Melvillei.

There's a problem with this. If Megalodon tho exists and feeds on whales, we'd see proof on whales that survived attacks, simply as we see evidence of good white shark attacks on lucky seals that controlled to escape.

How Deep Is the Mariana Trench?

The find for the Megalodon Shark

So just how does a seaside predator go from munching top top whales, pinnipeds, and also massive turtles near shore to eat deep-diving creatures in the Marina Trench?

One opportunity is that a small populace of Megalodon Sharks had currently evolved come live in ~ those depths before the larger populace of Megalodon go extinct. Therefore, as soon as the ecological changes developed that resulted in the extinction of the Megalodon Shark, the population that lived at great depths ongoing to grow while the sharks who stayed in shallower water died off.

We see this possibility at other areas where Megalodon is stated to still exist. The Sea of Cortez is a body of water between the Baja Peninsula and also Mexico. It is rich in sea life, v several varieties of large whales in residence. At its deepest, that is approximated at virtually 10,000 feet. Stories of huge sharks have actually circulated in the an ar for decades, and also some believe the Megalodon Shark quiet lurks in the depths.

Great white sharks are regular visitors come the Sea that Cortez as well, and some have been recognized to dive to how amazing depths. Can we make any type of comparisons between Megalodon and good whites, or any kind of other life sharks?


Great White Sharks have actually been taped diving as deep together 4,000 feet.

US NOAA (Scot Anderson) , from Wikimedia Commons

Megalodon compared to other Sharks

The Megamouth Shark is a huge fish getting to 20 feet in size or more. Despite its outstanding size, it stayed unknown until 1976. Among the factors is because it is vertically migratory, meaning it only comes everywhere near the surface at night. In the daytime, the dives down to 500 feet or deeper.

If the Megamouth Shark remained covert for so long simply due to the fact that it dove to 500 feet for many of the day, what possibilities do we have of finding a Megalodon that may live in ~ 3,000 feet?

Do any sharks live that deep? if the largest sharks in the world are well-known due to their near-surface behaviors, there room others who are much an ext reclusive.

The Portuguese Dogfish is a varieties of Sleeper Shark recognized to make it through at depth of as much as 12,000 feet.

The Pacific Sleeper Shark and Greenland Shark are vast animals getting to over 20 feet in length which can live at depths of as much as 9,000 feet.

Even the an excellent white shark has actually been taped diving to depth of 4,000 feet.

So, there appears to be nothing avoiding a Megalodon from life in the dark of the ocean, have to it have reason to perform so. However, this also tells united state that Megalodon doesn't require the depth of the Mariana Trench to continue to be hidden.

More to the point, since no sharks exist below 12,000 feet, and also no big prey items, the seems very unlikely the Megalodon would certainly have evolved to live at such depth.

While that might be disheartening to Megalodon believers, in a method it's additionally encouraging. Since the typical depth that the s is around 14,000 feet, that means the Megalodon Shark, also if that has progressed to live in very deep water, could, in theory, exist in plenty of places roughly the world.

But that brings us earlier to our initial problem: If a 60-foot predatory shark is still out there, and still lives roughly the world, we must see the evidence.

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Is Megalodon in the Mariana Trench?

Is it really possible that small populations the Megalodon Sharks evolved to feed on food in very deep water, and also because that this controlled to prevent extinction? could this remnant populace of Megalodon Shark still prosper today, much out of vision of humans?

Probably not. There's no food for it down there, and also no other shark varieties are recognized to prosper that deep. The is an amazing idea, yet unfortunately no one with any scientific merit, together of yet anyway.