Meg Ryan is a producer and actress from the united States. She is popularly known for depicting romantic and jolly characters. Ryan started her acting career in quick roles in 1981 before showing up on the display As the world Turns ~ above CBS in 1982. Complying with that, she began appearing in supporting roles in movies like the blockbuster hit peak Gun in the early on 1980s, receiving fist in independent movies like Promised soil in 1987.

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Meghan at some point gained popularity in the 1990s through her roles in the struggle romantic comedies such together Sleepless in Seattle, as soon as Harry Met Sally, You’ve acquired Mail and, French Kiss. She was typically called America’s Sweetheart since of her sparkling appearance and also cheerful nature. She’s tried her hand in ~ directing and acting. Her an initial directorial movie, Ithaca, was released in 2015 and also was based on the 1943 novel The human Comedy. She son, Jack Quaid, was one of the stars that the picture. Meg Ryan has actually been nominated because that a variety of accolades and also awards consisting of the gold Globe Awards and also People’s choice Awards.

Meg Ryan with previous husband Dennis Quaid


SchoolSt. Pius X Elementary school Bethel High SchoolCollege/UniversityUniversity that Connecticut new York UniversityEducational QualificationBachelor in Journalism (dropped the end in critical semester)ProfessionActor manager ProducerBrands EndorsedBurger King Barbie aim Toothpaste Campbell’s Soup NescafeCareer ManagerNot Known

Height, Weight, and Figure Measurements

Height (Approx.)in centimeters- 173 cm in meters- 1.73 m in Feet Inches- 5"7""Weight (Approx.)in Kilograms- 57 kg in Pounds- 126 lbsFigure MeasurementsBreast Size35 inHips Size35 inWaist Size25 in

Extra plain Features

Race / EthnicityWhiteHair ColorBlondeEye ColorBlueS*xual OrientationStraightDress Size6 (US) 8 (UK)Shoe Size11 (US) 8.5 (UK)

Favourite Things

Favourite ColorsBlueFavourite Music BandAll Time LowFavourite FoodBistro 990ControversiesMeg"s love life diverted focus from she work. Meg had an affair through Russel Crowe while gift married come Dennis Quaid.

Life Journey

Margaret mar Emily Hyra to be born in Fairfield, Connecticut, on November 19, 1961, come Harry Hyra, a maths teacher, and Susan Jordan, a retirement actress.

Meg was baptized and also raised as Catholic and also she studied at Fairfield’s St. Pius X elementary School. She has actually a brother, Andrew Hyra, and two sisters, Annie and also Dana. When she to be 15, her parents obtained divorced.

In 1979, Ryan finished she schooling in ~ Bethel High School. Ryan specialty in journalism in ~ the college of Connecticut and later at brand-new York University. To supplement her income throughout college, she appeared in advertisements and also the tv drama as the people Turns.

She dropped out of college a semester early since of her popularity together an actress. She went by the lock “Ryan” which was she granny’s maiden name once she entered the screen Actors Guild.

She had actually a lot of appearances in rom-com movies after her debut in Rich and Famous. Her career thereafter developed to encompass various television and also commercial appearances.

With the film, she made her first commercial break. Ryan got her an initial Golden world nominations as soon as Harry met Salley. Her career advanced quickly, and she began to show up in a number of popular romantic comedies.

On February 14, 1991, Ryan married gibbs Dennis Quaid. Jack Quaid, their just child, was born top top April 24, 1992. In June 2000, she and also Quaid parted ways, and their divorce to be finalized ~ above July 16, 2001.

She tried to branch out from her typical rom-com duties in the 2000s, certification in films such together Proof the Life, Kate & Leopold, and also In the Cut.

Between 2007 and 2009, Ryan functioned on independent movies such together The Deal, a satirical comedy, and The Women, a comedy-drama.

In the beforehand 2010s, Ryan was tried a number of projects but all of them failed. Ryan’s directorial debut to be Ithaca, a drama based upon the novel The person Comedy. The movie what shooting in Petersburg, Virginia, and was premiered worldwide in October 2015 in ~ the Middleburg movie Festival.

Ryan to be awarded the Leopard club Award as a pioneer the romantic comedy in ~ the 71st Locarno Festival in august 2018, v the statement the nobody might convey irony, kindness, humor, and also fragility together Meg Ryan could.

Meg Ryan net Worth

The American Sweetheart, Meg Ryan is currently worth $85million

Estimated net Worth in 2021(Approx)$85 million
Estimated net Worth in 2020(Approx)$85 million
Annual Salary$15-30 million per film
Income SourceActing

Meg Ryan has developed herself as among America’s favourite film actresses end the course of her 40-year career. She was most well-known for her job-related in romantic comedies, i beg your pardon paid she $10-15 million every film, making her among the highest-paid actresses worldwide at times.

Meg received $5 million in 1994 because that her duty in the historical drama I.Q. She to be paid $8.5 million for her duty in City of Angels in 1998. She to be paid $10.5 million come act in You’ve acquired Mail together Tom Hanks the year. Her collective earnings of $19 million in 1998 make Ryan one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. After ~ adjusting because that inflation, that’s the tantamount of earning $30 million in a year now.

Meg made much more than $60 million in cinema salaries without adjusting inflation in between 1994 and 2002, as soon as she to be at the height of she career.


Meg Ryan made she film debut in George Cukor’s “Rich and also Famous” (1981). Following that, native 1982 to 1984, she portrayed ‘Betsy Stewart’ in the everyday drama ‘As the human being Turns.’She do an appearance in a burgess King commercial around this period. Together a result, she acquired minor roles in films and also television mirrors such as Charles in Charge, and Armed and Dangerous, amongst others.In 1986, she portrayed ‘Carole Bradshaw,’ the wife of a navy flight officer, in the movie ‘Top Gun.’ She showed up in the science-fiction comedy movie “Innerspace” the adhering to year.She later landed a role in the romantic drama “Promised Land,” for which she to be nominated for her first “Independent spirit Award.”She made her cinematic debut in 1988 in a replica that the classic noir movie D.O.A., which to be released in 1949. The complying with year, she starred in her very first major picture, when Harry Met Sally, a romantic comedy. Because that her function as Sally Albright in the film, she to be nominated because that a gold Globe Award.She went on to star in movies such as The Doors in 1991 and also Prelude to a Kiss in 1992. She shared the display screen with Tom Hanks in the hugely acclaimed romantic dramaSleepless in Seattle for the second time in 1993.To eliminate becoming a stereotype because that rom-com films, she then took on a variety of roles. She earned her an initial nomination because that the screen Actors Guild Awards because that her duty as an intoxicated high-school accuse counselor in the society drama as soon as a male Loves a woman in 1994. She additionally starred in the romantic comedy I.Q. Command by Fred Schepisi in that exact same year.She action in Lawrence Kasdan’s romantic comedy-drama French Kiss in 1995. She voiced the lead component in the successful animated snapshot “Anastasia” quickly afterward.He starred in package office hit You’ve gained Mail in 1998 in i beg your pardon she to be teamed with Tom Hanks for the 3rd time. Ryan got her third ‘Golden Globe’ nomination because that her performance n the filmIn 2001 she was cast in the film Kate & Leopold, a romantic comedy film directed by James Mangold, opposite Hugh Jackman. Thi movie was she highest-grossing picture.In 2007, Ryan was praised for she portrayal in Jon Kasdan’s independent movie “In the floor of ladies as buy it Hardwicke, a mother and also wife experiencing breast cancer.She appeared in Steven Schachter’s satire comedy film The transaction in 2008. The film received blended reviews as soon as it aired in ~ the 2008 Sundance movie Festival.She additionally starred in the commercially successful snapshot The Women in 2008, which to be a remake of the 1939 movie of the same name. In the film, she played a rich woman who husband cheated top top her v a store girl.In 2012, she lastly showed up in the PBS documentary fifty percent the Sky: transforming Oppression right into Opportunity for Women global after being a part of a pair of documentaries the never involved fruition. Her audio variation of william Saroyan’s The human Comedy was also launched the very same year.She shot five episodes of her improv comedy series “Web Therapy” in 2013. Complying with that, she starred in the ABC family members movie pan Girl, which screened at the 2015 Los Angeles movie Festival.She debuted together a director in 2015 with the movie Ithaca, based on wilhelm Saroyan’s book The human being Comedy. Ryan was joined through Sam Shepard, Hamish Linklater, Tom Hanks, Christine Nelson, as well as Ryan’s child Jack Quaid in the film.


Meg Ryan is a stage name offered by actresses.Meg’s first film function was in the horror-thriller film Amityville 3-D, in spite of her reputation for love comedies.Meg has actually been nominated for three gold Globes!Her very first acting duty was in a citizens King ad!Dennis Quaid was Meg’s first husband.Meg’s older brother was a popular musician!


What is Meg Ryan’s net Worth?

$85 million

How old is Meg Ryan?

59 years

Does Meg Ryan have actually Children?

Meg Ryan has two children, daughter – Daisy True Ryan and son – Jack Quaid.

Why go Meg Ryan no act anymore?

Meg Ryan was a leading actress in her time, right currently she works more behind the camera on miscellaneous projects.

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Who is Meg Ryan’s husband?

Meg Ryan was married to Dennis Quaid in between 1991 to 2001.