The Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, released last year for the shake"s 50th anniversary, is additionally making a comeback.

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Sure, the COVID-19 pandemic may have actually taken away many of the things we enjoy, yet it can't wipe a holiday off the calendar, and—at McDonald's, in ~ least—it's no going to protect against them native serving the holiday's equivalent shake.

Yes, v St. Patrick's day approaching, McDonald's has actually officially announced the the Shamrock shiver will soon be returning—along with among its newest pals, the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, i m sorry was introduced last year. Mean the burgess chain's self-proclaimed "most suspect dessert" of the year to begin landing in ~ participating areas nationwide ~ above February 15 (for a restricted time, of course).



"For an ext than 50 years, fans have eagerly awaited the annual return of the Shamrock Shake, counting on the arrival of Shamrock shiver Season to note the unofficial start to spring," Chad Schafer, McDonald's an elderly director that culinary, claimed in announcing the item's return. "And us heard lock especially delighted in getting a taste that the one-and-only Shamrock odor in a new way last year through the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. We understand this winter may feel longer than others so we're dazzling to offer customers something to look front to by pass both fan-favorites earlier to the food selection this month."

Intriguingly, in the announcement, McDonald's additionally teases the if you "can't get sufficient Shamrock goodness," climate you need to "stay tuned for more ways to celebrate this season." walk that mean McDonald's has some other St. Patrick's Day excitement up your sleeve? A McDonald's spokesperson evidenced to me that something is coming, yet the exact details space under wraps. For this reason we'll just need to wait and see what surprised shake deals or technologies may be coming our way before march 17.

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Last year was a big one for the Shamrock Shake: The dessert, i beg your pardon was produced in 1967 however didn't hit multiple areas until 1970, celebrated the 50th anniversary the its initial release. This year, McDonald's is keeping the an excellent vibes going by once again offering the shower nationwide: something that's actually only occurred sporadically since its an initial national rollout in 2012.