Update, September 1, 2021: Today point out the relax of McDonald’s brand-new Glazed pull Apart Donut, the recent pastry to sign up with its completely sandwichless all-day breakfast menu. We had actually the chance to evaluation it prior to it rolled out nationwide (it arrived at an early stage in Chicago), and also our think were... Middling. The fine! This donut is fine. In fact, if girlfriend let the sit ~ above the respond to for a while, it gets pretty good. Yet it doesn’t quite hit the spot prefer a midday McGriddle. Review our complete review here.

Update, august 18, 2021: Rather 보다 bring earlier all-day breakfast favorites favor McMuffins, McGriddles, and also the Sausage Biscuit, McDonald’s appears to be doubling under on its arrangement to serve only sweet pastries as its all-day breakfast option. As we shared yesterday, McDonald’s will start serving the Glazed traction Apart Donut on September 1 at locations nationwide. The pastry join McDonald’s roster the all-day breakfast pastries introduced late critical year: the apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and also Cinnamon Roll.

The Glazed traction Apart Donut is explained in a push release as “airy,” “delightful,” and also “sharable,” and it’s explained as pairing well through a cup that coffee. The all sound great, but what around customers that crave much more savory breakfast options in the center of the afternoon? might McDonald’s take into consideration some kind of cheddar and also chive scone, or a bacon-bit-loaded biscuit?

McDonald’s has actually stayed tight-lipped about the possibility of restoring the all-day breakfast food selection to its former glory, for this reason in the meantime, we can just need to rally for the pastries we wish come see, if not the sandwiches. And, of course, fine be top top the lookout for rogue places serving breakfast after 11 a.m.

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Update, February 7, 2021: It’s to be months because McDonald’s placed the kibosh top top its famous all-day breakfast food selection in an effort to rationalization kitchen work amidst the pandemic. And it’s to be a while due to the fact that the chain readily available up a subpar different in the kind of all-day breakfast pastries (which The Takeout discovered mostly lackluster). But ever because the Sun-Sentinel gained wind back in November that plenty of McDonald’s franchises in Florida to be still marketing McMuffins and also McGriddles roughly the clock, other eagle-eyed reporters have tried to number out exactly how widespread the rogue breakfast items are. And also Eat This not That freshly clued readers in on some stats around where breakfast is still being served past 11 a.m. Every day.

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“We decided to investigate by conducting a phone call canvas of McDonald’s locations across the country,” Eat This reports, “And our wishes were up as quickly as the info started to pour in from the West shore restaurants, confirming the Florida isn’t the only location you can still get a McMuffin in the afternoon.”

Not all of these franchises are serving breakfast all day, however many are serving it till mid-afternoon, i m sorry is a vast improvement for those who prefer to indulge in some lunch pancakes. It sounds favor if you an passionate customer willing to carry out the sleuthing, you’ve acquired a an excellent shot at finding a McDonald’s location where her eggy requirements are met. An excellent luck come those of friend tirelessly pursuing your dreams.

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Update, November 9, 2020: While America grapples with the truth of only having actually pastries to fulfill their McDonald’s breakfast craving for the majority of the day, Florida’s Sun-Sentinel has revealed a major scoop: some rogue McDonald’s franchisees are still marketing the all-day breakfast food selection items us know and love, indigenous hash browns come burritos.

“We’re not claimed to offer them all day long,” a McDonald’s employee at a location in Broward County, Florida called the Sun-Sentinel, “but the Hotcakes, we deserve to just slap on the grill, and also the Sausage Burritos space pre-made so we just have to heat them up. And also the hash browns, we just put in the fryer.” So, barring more complicated breakfast orders choose scrambled eggs or bagel sandwiches (which are made come order), a most customer favorites deserve to be purchased any type of time that day, whether McDonald’s corporate provides it the formal eco-friendly light or not.

Brent Upchurch, whose family operates 30 McDonald’s places in Florida, discussed that franchises aren’t breaking any kind of strict rules by serving all-day breakfast; it’s just that castle don’t obtain to promote it with signage, advertising, and the like. Nor would certainly they want to, in fact, because as the Sun-Sentinel puts it, every McDonald’s franchisees must adhere to “tight standards of power that space intended come ensure a consistent and predictable experience throughout its 14,000 U.S. Locations.” To the end, breakfast items room being treated sort of prefer a secret menu: you won’t find it on the food selection board, nor on the cell phone app, nor any third-party distribution apps. You just need to ask once you gain there, and see if you get lucky.

If the Sun-Sentinel to be able to discover over 20 Florida places serving breakfast favorites on the sly, then surely several of the places where girlfriend live might be act the same. Begin doing some reconnaissance, readers, and also let us recognize what you turn up.

Update, November 3, 2020: ICYMI, we recently gained our hand on the new McDonald’s breakfast pastries—Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll—for a comprehensive Taste Test. See exactly how they fared by reading our complete review.


Original post, October 8, 2020: One the the early on casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic was the McDonald’s all-day breakfast, a pan favorite because 2015. In the interest of “streamlining” that is menu, the chain put an end to midnight biscuits and dinner McMuffins. But now, together restrictions have lifted and also happier days are here again (really?), McDonald’s has announced that it will certainly be offer breakfast all day again!

But wait. Nothing is ever as great as that seems. Since by “breakfast,” McDonald’s doesn’t mean hash browns and also McGriddles and also all the other food selection items Americans have grown to know and also love and also depend top top at all times the day. No, it way that it’s presenting three brand-new pastries: the apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll. Nobody of these require cooking, i m sorry presumably makes things simpler for employees, an especially those working the drive-thru. Together one employee told Business Insider, “I absolutely do not think we should carry back.”

Higher-ups in the chain stay noncommittal. “We understand our customers deserve a rest now an ext than ever, and are excited to provide them another reason to visit their favorite breakfast location by giving delicious seasonings they crave, any time the the day,” Linda VanGosen, the vice-president the brand and menu strategy, in a statement. And also those flavors room sweet McPastries. Understood?