Grab a friend and head come McDonald’s for a great deal of value. Clever shoppers constantly love a buy-one-get-one sale since it means big savings.

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As component of the fast-food chain’s commitment to serve much more savings, the fast-food chain is bringing earlier its popular buy-one-get-one because that $1 transaction at participating places — for a restricted time.


The buy-one-get-one lineup has the an option of any type of two that the following menu items:

Quarter Pounder through Cheese

Big Mac


Chicken McNuggets (10-piece)

Mix or match any kind of two, pay the regular menu price because that one and also get the second (of same or lesser value) for just a dollar more. (The expense of one of the food selection items is roughly $5.)

At just a buck for the 2nd item, famished frugal shoppers would be foolish to pass on the save — eat both items (just skip the fries!), share the 2nd sandwich through a friend or save it because that a midnight snack.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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