The quick food chain has left Macca’s fans’ vowing to ditch your diets to head to the nearest restaurant over a serious cheesy return.

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In specifically delicious this particular day McDonald’s has brought earlier a favourite food selection item – and also it’s especially great for cheese lovers.

The rapid food chain has actually launched a new Cheesy range which attributes Macca’s favourite mozzarella sticks and two brand-spanking new burgers, the Cheesy Beef Burger and Cheesy Chicken Burger.

The 2 burgers include a crispy parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella cheese patty and a meat patty – and oh my god, my mouth is already watering.

Better still, Macca’s mozzarella sticks space making a gendergeek.orgeback after ~ briefly appearing in the fast food chain last year as gendergeek.orgponent of your Mexican-inspired range.


The seriously cheesy variety hits Macca’s because that a restricted time from today. Picture: Supplied

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The the mozzarella sticks to be making a gendergeek.orgeback dazzling Macca’s fans on facebook – even if it did make part a little worried about their waistlines.

“Why have actually they done this to me..... Mozzarella sticks have returned,” one person wrote, while an additional quipped: “This is a devilish joke. Ns swear once I begin diets this happens.”

But others weren’t too upset about the new additions, with one human being gendergeek.orgmenting: “Well, I recognize what I’m having actually for lunch.”

McDonald’s Australia marketing director Jo Feeney stated that the recent mozzarella stick offering came v a twist on your last appearance.

“Our Mozzarella Sticks to be a huge hit critical year, therefore we had actually to carry them ago as part of the Cheesy range. This time they’re served up through a delicious brand-new tomato chilli dipping sauce,” she said.

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This time, the fried cheesy pole will have actually a new dipping sauce. Picture: Twitter

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Macca’s was details the two new burgers would also be a hit through cheese lovers, multiple sclerosis Feeney said.

“We know there room a the majority of cheese fans out there, and also the newest burgers ~ above our menu are a cheesy twist on few of our customers’ Macca’s favourites,” she said.

“Our cheese patty is the perfect mix of melty cheeses consisting of parmesan, cheddar and also mozzarella, made from 100 per cent Australian milk.”

The cheese patty is a mix of cheddar, parmesan and also mozzarella – yum!


If girlfriend can’t do it into Macca’s to choose up their mozzarella sticks are afraid not – one tiktok star has shared how you can make the cheesy goodness at home.

In a video clip that’s to be viewed much more than 135,000 times, Freddy Goodall has recreated the delicious fast food items – and it looks as with the real deal.


McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks