When thinking around fast food chains, there space a pair assumptions many people might feel are safe to make: You"ll gain your food quickly, it"ll be cheap, and you"ll have the same options no matter which place you go to. If these an initial two, for the most part, room pretty exact — though, we"ve all had those unfortunately moments where the restaurant feeling unexplainably donate up — the 3rd one is actually not the case.

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McDonald"s, among the most popular fast food restaurants in the joined States, doesn"t have actually quite as regular a menu throughout its locations as one can guess. Yes, you"re nearly guaranteed to have the ability to get a large Mac and also fries at any type of location, but there are some items that space only available in locations in certain local areas.

The Southern component of the US, because that example, has one food selection item you most likely can"t uncover in various other McDonald"s locations. Spoiler alert: It"s not fried chicken, collard greens, or gendergeek.org potatoes. Although, if your instinct was to think about specialty southerly dishes, you"re definitely on the best track. It"s actually no a lunch or dinner items at all (at the very least not traditionally), yet rather a usual breakfast food.

If friend head to a McDonald"s in the South when morning time comes, you may be able to order you yourself some great old-fashioned biscuits and also gravy. Together The take trip writes, "The East shore loves your seafood just as much as the south loves their biscuits and also gravy." and it"s this exact reason that choose McDonald"s stores in this region carry this clip comfort food.

So if girlfriend live in, or will certainly be traveling to, the lower part of the continent US, it"s certainly worth the endeavor to walk to a Mickey D"s to try this hearty enjoy the meal for yourself. Starting with the chain"s classic, flaky buttery biscuits, the meal is climate topped off with oozy sausage gravy.

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However, it"s not a guarantee you"ll uncover biscuits and gravy in every McDonald"s store southern of the Mason-Dixon. According to FoodBeast, McDonald"s used to have actually an official menu listing as "Big Breakfast – country Sausage Biscuit and also Gravy," yet now it seems to be much more of a secret menu item, and also currently there"s no particular list of the stores wherein you may find it top top the McDonald"s website.

While you could have the most luck in ~ a southerly location, McDonald"s biscuits and gravy have even been discovered as far north as Michigan and also Tennessee, according to the FoodBeast article, so even if you"re no in the ideal region, the never damages to ask.