Mazda is bringing earlier its iconic rotating engine, however not in the method sports car enthusiasts have been dreaming about.

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Mazda discontinued the RX-8 sports auto in back 2012, and also enthusiasts have been waiting for the brand’s iconic rotary engine to do a comeback ever before since. Now, Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto has confirmed reports the rotary engine will go back to the Mazda lineup, though not in a super high-revving RX-9. (Check the video below, and read the subtitles approximately 7:30.)

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Mazda plans to usage the rotating engine together a range-extender because that the brand’s upcoming electric car, the MX-30. Mazda intends to begin testing prototypes following year to get production variation on Japanese roads by 2022, yet it has not yet offered any type of specs.

A rotating engine would job-related well, in theory, as a range-extender because that an EV, together it is able to fill a the majority of punch in a tiny footprint. The critical RX-8 placed out 232 hp from a 1.3-liter engine. For this reason they should have the ability to get a rotary selection extender to fit in ~ a small footprint.

Mazda has toyed roughly with hydrogen rotary engines in the past, so the rotating as a range-extender or hybrid can have utility moving forward in a carbon emissions-free future.

It’s not clear even if it is the U.S. Sector will acquire the pure EV MX-30 or the range-extender version, yet that doesn"t average we would not view the modern technology in one more vehicle. Hold a candle for a timeless rotary-powered burning RX-9 the looks like the RX-Vision might be foolish; plowing R&D right into an engine because that a low-volume sports auto feels like about the last point an automaker would carry out in 2020. However Mazda occurring rotary engine modern technology for other supplies could bring the price down for an ultimate sports vehicle application.

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