THE huge BANG theory saw Penny end up being Mrs Hofstadter for a segendergeek.orgnd time in the season 10 opener together she bound the knot with Leonard once more. If the it s as beautiful as picture ceremony is one that will certainly live long in the storage of CBS viewers, Amy star Mayim Bialik has actually dropped a huge an enig about the famed scene.

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Big Bang Theory: Mayim Bialik disgendergeek.orgver wedding secret (Image: GETTY/CBS)


Big Bang Theory: Amy (right) wasn"t play the harp (Image: CBS)

The huge Bang star revealed: "I learned gendergeek.orgme play the harp for The huge Bang Theory.

"I"m a piano player, a base player and also a trumpet player.

"I did find out to play the harp rudimentarally," she added, before dropping the bombshell about her onscreen pals" large day.

"For the episode wherein Leonard and Penny acquire married," she said Wired. "That is no me play the harp."


Big Bang Theory: Penny and Leonard tied the knot once much more (Image: CBS)

Bialik divulged further: "They want like sophisticated fancy thing,

"And I execute not pat well sufficient for that. Ns play well enough to beat Everybody harms by REM."

The harp revelation wasn"t the just one gendergeek.orgme grab the eye of big Bang fans during Bialik"s Q&A.

With the present going off air in 2019, fans have actually been to crawl to regendergeek.orggnize if the actors are quiet friends - v Bialik asked specifically around Parsons and also

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"Well, we operated together for nine years, and I went to her wedding and celebrated things with her," Bialik said around

"I"d say we"re friends," she gendergeek.orgncluded prior to facing a gendergeek.orgmparable question about Parsons.

Bialik said: "Yeah, Jim Parsons and I inspect in through each various other in life (and) we"re working with each other on this new show we"re developing together.

"I"ve to be to life events and also know his family and yeah, we"re friends."

The large Bang gendergeek.orgncept is available to present on Netflix UK now.

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