While we understand all around Academy Award-winning gibbs Matthew McConaughey — and also if friend don"t, just go ahead and also read his memoir, Greenlights — it"s time to learn about his older brother, Rooster.

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Let the be recognized that Matthew isn"t the only successful sibling in the McConaughey clan. If Matthew has actually starred in everything from Dazed and Confused come Magic Mike to Dallas Buyers Club, Mike "Rooster" McConaughey has additionally been raking in the millions, together well.

According to his A&E bio (because yes, Rooster is a reality star, too), the "wheeler-dealer developed a business empire precious millions the end of a ar of rusted pipe." and also while working hard and making the big bucks, he also found time come carve out a personal life because that himself, beginning a household with his mam — and also bestowing part pretty unusual names ~ above his children.

Get come know more about Rooster below. We"re sure his life will surprise you!

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Like his younger brother Matthew McConaughey, Rooster McConaughey grew up in the great state the Texas, functioning in the oil areas with his dad, according to his bio top top A&E. Though the business man didn"t finish up graduating from college, the "made his an initial million at age 30 functioning in the oil pipe business," the bio states. Pretty freaking impressive, we"d say.

Still, Rooster wasn"t so lucky, as he reportedly ended up losing it all — prior to he quickly began building up his riches again.

Rooster is "the single owner the DGM Supply, an oil pipe maker shop the specializes in buying and selling offered pipe. That averages two to one benefit on his pipe deals and also his many recent multi-million disagreement oil deal profited five to one in only two years," as per his bio.

This led him come a 2018 reality TV resolve friend and also partner Wayne "Butch" Gilliam. Aptly title Rooster & Butch, the males are "eager to assist other folks get a leg up the same means others helped them follow me the way," the show"s review states ~ above IMDb. "These great old guys will only throw their money down after they"ve tested the true measure of one entrepreneur"s character." of course, they have plenty of personality, too.

Rooster McConaughey named both of his children after beer

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When a man loves his beer — the really loves his beer. Though the civilization has seen countless celebrities offer their children interesting names, Rooster McConaughey might take the cake, naming both of his children after brands of brew.

In a January 2018 interview with Fox News, Rooster thorough how he came to name his children.

" ... My wife gets pregnant and also all my buddies are going, "Hey guy ... Her life"s gonna change. Friend can"t go be speak "round with that müller Lite all the time,"" the recalled. "And i went, "You know if things job-related out, I"ll have the ability to take müller Lite come church.""

"And I certain as hell did!" the exclaimed. " L-y-t-e. And also so, I obtained away through it."

But that"s not all. Though Rooster"s mam insisted on specify name their second child — a daughter — herself, she eventually wanted her husband to provide some input come her middle name.

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"So i threw out Olympia," Rooster called the outlet. "They jumped everywhere it. Little did they know that was the surname of a beer. I named my small daughter after a dead beer. But now they"re making that again. And also as i tell fearbut Lite, if y"all don"t start sponsoring us, I"m gonna begin drinking Olympia again."

If the oil businessman has any an ext kids, we"re personally hoping because that Stella Artois — which would certainly actually do a pretty an excellent name, TBH.