REPUBLICAN politician Matt Gaetz has actually gone viral on social media end his apparently adopted son named Nestor.

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Gaetz is currently being investigated through the department of Justice over "child sex trafficking" allegations.


Matt Gaetz has an adopted son named Nestor Galban

Who is Matt Gaetz' kid Nestor?

Matt Gaetz, 38, is apparently a father to an adopted young adult named Nestor Galban.

Gaetz claims that Nestor shed his mom to breast cancer at simply 12 year old after which he arrived in the united state to live v his larger sister that Gaetz to be dating.

During the politician's hot Take podcast, he defined how Nestor is the brothers of one ex-girlfriend and that "I sort of feel like a single step-parent in ~ times,” despite it is unclear what ex the is referring to.

According come Gaetz, Nestor lived v him for four years after coming from Cuba and then moved to Miami because that his junior year and lived through his biological father.

Gaetz states that he adopted Nestor ~ he lost his mom to cancer once he to be 12-years-oldCredit: Instagram

Gaetz told people magazine about keeping Nestor under wraps, saying: “Just imagine: she 12 year old, her mom has actually just died, you’re finding out English as you’re trying to get your footing in school. 

“It simply wasn’t the best time in center school and high college to topic him to politics."

Nestor was never formally adopted by Gaetz but told world that the Republican “raised me together his own son”.

He said: “Matt is no my organic father, yet he increased me together his very own son when I came from Cuba after mine mother’s death.

“He’s always been a function model in mine life,” 

What walk Matt Gaetz say around Nestor?

Gaetz claimed that the had permitted Nestor to walk on spring break on Panama City coast to make up for no being allowed to walk to prom or having actually a "real graduation". 

Speaking come Fox News, Gaetz said: "My son is a college freshman. He had no actual graduation, no prom, and I struggled v whether or no to allow him to reap spring rest at Panama City beach."

Gaetz added: "I enabled him to have an abbreviation one. 

"I did not have a good night's rest the whole time he was there until I knew he was safe, OK, and back at school."

Panama City is just one that the few cities in Florida that have tightened your spring rest rules because of unruly visitors and also to curb the spread of coronavirus.

No alcohol is enabled on the beaches, and also the bars will close at 2am instead of 4am, follow to local news outlet WTVM.

Additionally, the city is barring huge gatherings of more than 125 people, and anyone captured on the beach v alcohol could face a $500 well or a jail term.

What did world say around Matt Gaetz’s son?

Twitter erupted through comments and also criticisms geared towards Gaetz and also Nestor.

One user tweeted: “Matt Gaetz has actually no sons, adopted or natural. Call Nestor his 'son' is a fiction come disguise the awkwardness that a man's having actually no legal partnership to his live-in teenage boy companion.”

Another said: “It's cute he still thinks we believe that Nestor is his 'son'."

A 3rd chimed in: “I want to check out the adoption papers because that his 'son', a grown guy who stays with a get an impression man.”

Why is Matt Gaetz being investigated? 

Reports broke that Gaetz is gift investigated through the Justice room over whether he had a sexual connection with a 17-year-old and also paid for she travel.

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Gaetz denied that he ever before had a connection with any type of underage girls and also said the allegations against him were together searing together they room false.

The time cited three people familiar through the matter, saying the scrutiny was component of a more comprehensive Justice room probe right into one the his politics allies and fellow Florida politician, Joel Greenberg, that was indicted in the summer that 2020 top top sex trafficking and other charges that he stalked a political opponent. 

He stated was a victim that the probe headed by David McGee that the DOJ, and that the department room trying to "smear name."