The billionaire an installed a vigorous defense that Biden, speak the previous vice chairman 'actually wants to run a country.'


Mavericks owner mark Cuban says President Donald trump “doesn’t desire to run a country” however instead “wants to operation a campaign."(Lynda M. Gonzalez / employee Photographer)
WASHINGTON — Dallas Mavericks owner note Cuban states he will vote for former Vice president Joe Biden over President Donald trumped in the November election, in spite of harboring part misgivings around the Democrat’s candidacy in recent months.

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The billionaire confirmed his selection to The Dallas Morning News after ~ mounting a vigorous defense of Biden top top Tuesday night ~ above Fox News’ Hannity.

“Yes, I’ll poll for Biden over Trump,” Cuban wrote in an e-mail to The News.

Cuban’s presidential preference is no genuine surprise, offered that he to be a vocal surrogate in 2016 for Democrat Hillary Clinton and that he is clashed through Trump — sometimes trading barbs on Twitter — ~ above the project trail and also since the Republican won the White House.

But the Mavs owner said in at an early stage June that there “were still a the majority of questions about Joe Biden” in current months.

Indeed, the previous vice president’s project had been shaky enough that Cuban said he went so far as to commission a poll to watch what would happen if he launched an elevation bid against Biden and also Trump. The outcomes weren’t promising, for this reason Cuban reduce the idea.

“From every i beg your pardon way, cross-tab, you surname it, I had actually it analyzed and also scrutinized … and they could only check out me getting up come 25%,” he said in an episode of The Axe Files, a politics podcast. “That’s why i didn’t seek it further.”



Mark Cuban to be so serious around White house bid, he gained a pollster. Yet ‘I just didn’t think I might win’

Cuban left open up the opportunity then that he would eventually ago Biden. And also those feelings have actually apparently intensified.

Fox News hold Sean Hannity inquiry Cuban on Tuesday if the believes that Biden “has the strength, the stamina, the mental acuity, the alertness to be taking on what is the toughest job in the world, being the chairman of the united States?”

The Mavs owner no hesitate.

“100%. Absolutely. No question about it,” he said.

Cuban go on come rip the president, saying the Trump “doesn’t want to operation a country.” Instead, he said, trump card “wants to run a campaign.” Biden, through comparison, “actually wants to run a country,” Cuban said.

Hannity, who dubbed Cuban’s politics “nuts,” go on to perform Trump’s resume and also then asked Cuban what Biden has actually done. Most of the segment devolved into cross-talk. Yet Cuban did say that one of Biden’s big accomplishments to be his role in pass Obamacare.

In his email to The News, Cuban claimed “to remember that cable news element time mirrors are no news shows.” Instead, “they are entertainment shows,” the said.

“You need to realize the Sean is throwing the end entertaining comments not based purely on facts, and I’m going to have actually fun responding to them,” Cuban wrote.

The Mavs owner has become a frequent political commentator, appearing on every manner of TV shows and also often teasing the prospect that he could run because that the White House. However he wasn’t always so eager to comment on those kinds of issues.

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Back in 2012, The News sought come ask Cuban around political offering in the NBA, yet he shot under the question.