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Mischa Barton is sharing her experiences -- good and poor -- top top The O.C.

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The 35-year-old actress speak frankly about her character, Marissa Cooper"s, shocking fatality on season 3 that the show and says the it was her therapy on collection that led to the decision.

"It started pretty beforehand on due to the fact that it had actually a lot of to do with them adding Rachel in last minute as, after ~ the first season, a series regular and evening out everybody"s pay," Barton called E!of Bilson"s character, Summer Roberts. Note there to be "general bullying from few of the guys on set," she added, "That kind of felt yes, really s***ty."

Additionally, she claimed there was an "invasion" in her an individual life in ~ the time.

"I just felt an extremely unprotected, i guess is the best means to placed it," she said. "There were world on that collection that were very mean to me. The wasn"t, like, the many ideal atmosphere for a young, perceptible girl who"s likewise been thrust into stardom to need to put increase with."

In the show"s 2nd season, Barton says shooting became much more strenuous, and she didn"t watch a clear course for her character, Marissa.

"I simply didn"t feeling I could keep going," she said. "This has actually been said before, but they kind of provided me one option. The producers to be like, "Well, carry out you desire your job and also to sail off into the sunset and potentially you can come back in the future in some bizarre TV scenario or we can kill your character off and also you can go on with your career the you want and also what you desire to do?""

Barton stated she was turning down leading duties in big films due to her work on the series, and finally chose to step away from The O.C. to go after those opportunities.

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"It just felt like it to be the ideal thing for me and also my health and just in terms of not yes, really feeling protected by my cast and crew at the point," shesaid. "Honestly, 15 years on, I execute think it"s sad that there wasn"t a far better way that it could"ve been handled. But I likewise do yes, really love the she had this epos death and that it ended like that since it"s memorable and it"s not just another flash in the pan."

Onher first impression of the death, Bartonsaid, "I felt prefer it was in reality a an excellent ending when I check out it."

As for filming that final scene, Barton recalled, "I was yes, really sad i was going since that was like my family, but there had also been some things that weren"t for this reason cool and also I would certainly be lying come say i wasn"t a small bit relieved that ns was going to extricate myself from that situation."

Despite having less-than-fond memory on set, Barton was full of concepts for how to reboot the series when she spoke to ET last August.

"I think over there are means it might happen for sure. Ns mean, in this industry, there"s a method to do everything. If you yes, really wanna getThe O.C.back, the course we could, of food there"s a way," she claimed at the time."Characters can slightly change or diverge or come earlier as a cousin. Like, that cares?"