Despite Hollywood"s an ext recent emphasis on feminism, the industry regularly perpetuates the concept that ladies can"t "have it all." however what if some women have no attention in "all" life has to offer? for actress Marisa Tomei, her career has always taken peak priority. In fact, throughout her decades in film, the My Cousin Vinny star has consistently expressed the she has no interest in marriage or kids whatsoever.

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Although Tomei has an Oscar in ~ home, the actress continues to be a prime target for doubters who can"t it seems to be ~ to know why she"s never married or started a family. Yet that very element appears to frustrate Tomei the most. "I"m no that huge a fan of marriage as an institution, and also I don"t understand why women have to have kids to be viewed as finish human beings," she told Manhattan Magazine in 2009 (per Marie Claire).

Tomei"s girlfriend reiterated the sentiment in an interview v Closer Weekly in 2017. " wasn"t other she ever truly pursued—even in she twenties. Work has really been she life force," the resource said the the 55-year-old Parental Guidance star. "She is life life come the fullest and also getting uses other actors would certainly kill for. She success is a mix of talent and also incredibly encouraged hard work." 

Many people never find their true purpose in life, therefore we"re happy to view that Tomei knows what she wants and isn"t fear to seek her desires — no issue what the haters might say.

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Just as ladies in the entertainment sector are judged because that not having children, castle must additionally battle the sexism the comes v aging ~ above camera. Marisa Tomei said The Observer the she "only got to it is in old an extremely recently" together she discussed her function as Peter Parker"s Aunt might in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

"The market has determined I"m an aunt-type now. I"m like, is this the way it gets damaged to me? however in any profession, there"s a many sexism. That isn"t exactly headline news," Tomei claimed in 2017. "In our business, the numbers absolutely don"t lie as soon as you see how few speaking functions there are for women. It"s a number game and also if girlfriend start adding in other factors, consisting of age, the odds lessen of getting a good part."

As The Observer reports, 33% of speak roles and also 22% the protagonists room female, which adds an element of disappointed — however Tomei to know that, with constant effort, the sector can alter its insidious ways. "Sexism is component of the culture, that"s just a fact, but we can shot to change that culture," she added. "I choose to think things have actually improved in the century due to the fact that we acquired the ideal to vote. But just since it"s 75 percent better, doesn"t mean you should stop caring about the continuing to be 25 percent. We require parity, both in availability of work and also our compensation for that work." we couldn"t agree more!