Machine gun Kelly’s daughter tends to continue to be out that the spotlight yet the rapper take it her along to the American Music Awards ~ above Sunday evening.

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MGK - genuine name Richard Colson Baker - frequently attends red carpet occasions with his movie star girlfriend Megan Fox, however enjoyed a cute father-daughter day with his child, Casie in ~ the AMAs.

However, some fans that the rapper are only just realising that he’s a father, with the pair trending top top Twitter complying with their appearance at the award show over the weekend.

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So, that is device Gun Kelly’s daughter, Casie? exactly how old is she and also who did MGK have a kid with?

Here’s what you must know about his household life and his ex-girlfriend, Emma Cannon…

maker Gun Kelly has a daughter called Casie Colson Baker. Picture: Instagram
Casie Colson Baker was born in 2009. Picture: Instagram

Who is maker Gun Kelly’s daughter and how old is she?

Machine pistol Kelly’s daughter, Casie Colson Baker, is 12 years old and also was born in July 2009.

Although the rapper tends to store the young girl the end of the spotlight, they have been spotted out and about together on a variety of occasions.

Casie has even been spotted hanging out through her dad and also Megan Fox.

device Gun Kelly share his daughter Casie v his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon. Picture: Instagram
maker Gun Kelly to visit the 2021 AMAs through daughter Casie. Picture: Getty
an equipment Gun Kelly ended up being a father to Casie when he was 18 year old. Picture: Getty

Who is machine Gun Kelly’s ex-girlfriend and also baby mama Emma Cannon?

Machine total Kelly, 31, share his daughter Casie Colson Baker through his ex-girlfriend, Emma Cannon.

Unlike MGK’s other past relationships, Emma is fully out that the spotlight together the pair met prior to he increased to fame.

MGK and Emma are claimed to have actually dated summary after conference at a Blink-182 concert once they were simply 18 years old and also welcomed their daughter the very same year.

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Despite your split, the pair room thought to be on an excellent terms, with device Gun Kelly even calling Emma ‘the finest mother i’ve seen very first hand’ in a Mother’s work post earlier in 2013.