Country star Luke Bryan is most known for being a very successful singer, however when he's no performing on stage or serving as a judge on the well-known reality singing competition American Idol, he's a proud dad to five children. 

But being the honorable male that Luke is, there's more to his story. He and also his wife, Caroline Boyer, have actually two boy of their own, but they've likewise taken in their nephew and two nieces. Scroll under to learn all about Luke's kids!

Yes, Luke Bryan is a dad to five kids. He and also his wife, Caroline, that married in 2006, are parents to 2 sons, Thomas, 11, that was born on march 18, 2008, and also Tatum, 9, that was born on Aug. 11, 2010. Luke regularly takes come Instagram to share adorable image of his guys being active. In the past, we've checked out pics the the brothers fishing, skiing, playing sports, and also much more.

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Luke once revealed how his hit track "Pick the Up" perfectly describes his life together a father. "'Pick that Up' is the ultimate, ultimate father/dad song. I’m for this reason proud that this one,” the told rarely Country. “That’s just how I live mine life. I shot to placed a the majority of the points that ns love roughly my boys. I don’t force it on them. I don’t say, 'You’re walking to execute this.'"

He added: "I just hand lock a baseball and also we begin throwing it. I perform a the majority of things, basketball, football, fishing, hunting... And also I hope the they have the right to pick up some of this stuff and apply the to their life and be better young males from it."

In 2007, seven years after ~ the fatality of Luke's brother, tragedy to win his household again with the passing of Luke's sister. At the time of she death, she left three kids behind through her husband, Ben, that then happen away seven years later in 2014.

Left without parents, Luke and Caroline stepped in to take it in his sister and brother-in-law's three kids: Til, that was 16 at the time, and Kris and Jordan, who were in college.

Caroline revealed in a 2017 interview v Robin Roberts the they never ever once questioned their decision. "We never thought twice around it,” she as soon as shared. “You know, that was never something that he and I had actually to sit down and also talk about. ‘Should we take this on?’ We just did that.” 

Even despite it to be a no-brainer for the couple, that was certainly an adjustment because that them.  

“I wake up up one day and I’m elevating a teen. And also it’s a challenge because my key thing with Til is just properly providing the right amount of advice and also realizing you’re talking to someone that is ending up being an adult," Luke once told People.

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"I need to be that parent role where if that does something, he needs to gain in trouble, however I want to be a girlfriend to that too.” 

Today, they're one big happy household of seven... And also we're sure Luke and Caroline wouldn't want it any type of other way.

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