As a leading home development retail chain, residence Depot has actually implemented many features come ensure those v a impairment or various other physical problem can shop through ease.

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So if friend feel the you might need added support in-store, you might be wonder whether home Depot has motorized or handicap carts and also wheelchairs? this is what I’ve found out!

Does house Depot have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs In 2021?

Home Depot offers motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs together of 2021. Client can likewise receive added support native an combine while entering and also exiting the store, getting to elevated items, and also navigating the store. Although home Depot mainly offers electric scooters, hands-on wheelchairs may also be available.

If you desire to learn an ext about whether home Depot allows assistance animals, whether it has reserved parking for civilization with disabilities, and also much more, save on reading!

Does house Depot have Motorized/Handicap Carts?

Home Depot’s ethos disclosure diversity and also inclusion by dealing with both customers and also team members through respect.

In support of those through physical ailments, residence Depot facilitates engine- or handicapped carts and also electric scooters.

If you setup to use these amenities, you must be conscious that the carts and also scooters, by default, might stop working previous a specific barrier point as you leaving the store.

You might ask a member of employee for extr support in and out of these facilities.

Note that most stores typically offer 2-4 engine- or handicapped carts and also electric scooters. You should speak to the keep ahead of her visit to ensure one is available.

Does home Depot have Wheelchairs?

Home Depot mostly offers electric scooters to customers that struggle to navigate v the keep alone, yet manual wheelchairs may additionally be available.

Ask a store associate native the customer service desk to see if they supply manual wheelchairs. The stores should also facilitate steady wheelchair ramps for users.

Can A residence Depot Employee help Me If I require Help?

Store associates room there to help with heavy lifting, reaching assets from elevated points, and assisting with navigation approximately the store.

Customers the are currently in a wheelchair, engine- cart, or electrical scooter can also gain aid such as pushing a wheelchair, collecting items, or moving a purchase cart.

If you struggle to move around, you might be interested in residence Depot’s curbside pickup.

Under this purchase option, simply place your order online, obtain the pickup confirmation, and also drive to the save you selected whereby an associate will carry your bespeak to her vehicle.

Note the upon arrival, girlfriend will require to display your an alert for collection.

Does home Depot permit Assistance Animals?


In compliance through ADA regulations, home Depot classifies business dogs as aid animals.

Due to this, castle are permitted at any type of customer suggest of the keep without any kind of restrictions.

However, save in mind that residence Depot does organize the ideal to inquire about your pet while in the store.

Does residence Depot have Parking reserved For human being With Disabilities?

Home Depot’s parking lots administer parking spaces solely for disabled guests. If you use among these spaces, you might need to screen a precious disabled parking permit.

These spaces have to offer extended space on either next of the bay to assist wheelchair customers maneuver more easily.

Note the the auto park is complimentary to use and is typically open during continual store hrs of 6AM till 9-10PM native Monday to Saturday, and also 8AM until 8PM on Sundays.

Does house Depot Have accessibility Features Online?

‘How To’ videos on house Depot are one of the digital retailer’s most distinct features.

In this videos, house Depot implements subtitles and also audio explanation to assist deaf or hard-of-hearing customers recognize the content.

A variety of these articles likewise focuses on how to make rooms or facets of her home much more accessible.

These encompass ‘How to make a toilet Handicap Accessible’ and ‘How to do Stairs Handicap Accessible.’

Additionally, the articles also link the assets used in the tutorial to ensure castle are easily reachable.

Can ns Buy Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs At home Depot?

You can buy motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs in the Mobility Aids aisles within the health and wellness ar of a residence Depot store or online.

In this section, you’ll find a wide range of wheelchair types, accessibility ramps, walkers, mobility equipment, and mobility canes for sale.

Manual wheelchairs at residence depot room equipped through 4 wheels, footrests, armrests, and also push handles, and variety in price indigenous $120-$634.99.

Additionally, while some assets offer additional leg supports and also seat belts because that extra security, others offer a much longer reclining back.

If you space looking to discover more, girlfriend might likewise be interested in analysis up on even if it is or not Sam’s Club has actually motorized carts, if Costco has actually motorized carts, and also if CVS leas wheelchairs.


Home Depot supplies motorized/handicap carts and manual wheelchairs come its customers, topic to ease of access at the moment of visit. Additionally, stores room equipped v wheelchair ramps.

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Disabled customers have the right to receive assistance with shop navigation, curbside pickup, and also entering and also leaving the store. additionally provides subtitles on its videos.