In my clinical experience and the research study I looked at because that this article, testosterone replacement therapy does not rise blood pressure. The is really unlikely the TRT rises blood pressure. That is much much more likely the it reduce blood pressure. We will certainly look at the research studies that support this and my clinical experience.

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I have treated countless patients for low testosterone and also there are a couple of exceptions to this. Therefore we want to take a near look in ~ those come make sure you avoid any type of high blood pressure situations. Let"s look at several of these studies an initial and then look at several of the exceptions through testosterone replacement therapy and also the potential for increasing blood pressure.

The an initial study was actually an observational study. They complied with men v testosterone deficiency end a five year period. These males were acquisition testosterone therapeutically for your hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency. This study also looked at various other parameters too choose blood sugar and also cholesterol. They uncovered that there to be a sustained reduction in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure progressive over time. On average the systolic began at 153 and also went under to 137. Technically they began as hypertensive and then went into the common range. The 137 systolic blood press is quiet a tiny bit high but not together bad. The very same was true because that the diastolic, it slowly came under over time. So that appears to be a optimistic association the testosterone replacement therapy and blood pressure. We can say for sure it is not increasing blood pressure.

If anything maybe something else readjusted in their lifestyle or habits to boost blood pressure but clearly the testosterone didn"t have a an unfavorable effect. It to be an observational research not randomized placebo-controlled or anything choose that. After the sustained reduction end the 2 years, they ongoing to monitor them for three much more years. The blood press reduction preserved at that reduced level for the continuing to be three years.

Another research looked at arterial stiffness to assess this question. The much more stiff the arteries, the higher the blood pressure. It was a small study but they did uncover that arterial stiffness improved with normalization of the deficient testosterone levels. Climate a final small study looked at the effect of testosterone ~ above endothelial function. This is similar to looking in ~ the arterial stiffness but it was a different study. In this research they assessed the endothelium in men prior to treatment, 3 months ~ treatment and also then another assessment in three an ext months. They discovered that testosterone either did not influence the endothelial function or actually enhanced it slightly.

Taking all this info together, it does look prefer testosterone really does not have a negative effect the testosterone. Include that through my clinical experience, ns don"t frequently see changes in blood press in a an adverse way. Law a small research ~ above this topic, that looks prefer it is not completely known together not enough studies have been done. To be safe make certain you know if friend do have actually a blood press issue and check it on regular basis after beginning testosterone replacement therapy.


Theoretical reasons of High Blood press From TRT

There room some theoretical TRT causes of high blood pressure. If these room not gift monitored or addressed, you can potentially have a trouble with greater blood pressure. Because that instance, testosterone can increase blood push through increasing the amount of red blood cell that room produced. This is well-known as second polycythemia. In some world testosterone instead of therapy causes the red blood cell amounts to walk up and also the concentration all at once in the blood to increase. This thickens the blood, resulting in potentially an ext volume in the all at once system, which can reason the push in that consisted of system to increase. This is a theoretical concern. I carry out monitor these things closely in my patients. If it"s happening then we have them take care of it through a blood donation.

Testosterone can additionally increase estrogen. If the estrogen gets as well high, this can be a problem due to the fact that estrogen actually reasons our bodies to maintain sodium. We all recognize that sodium deserve to increase blood pressure. As your body retains more sodium it likewise retains more fluid. Similar to raising the volume with the red blood cell increase, the enhanced water rises the press in the artery. These room two theoretical involves which room easily changed for through close monitoring and taking appropriate action.

That should help answer the question does testosterone replacement therapy boost blood pressure. If you have actually a certain question about anything concerned testosterone blood pressure, drop that in the comment ar below.

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