Louis C.K. Will execute stand-up in ~ Madison Square Garden top top Aug. 13 and 14.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Despite fierce backlash following his infamous 2017 sexual harassment scandal, it shows up that louis C.K. Hasn’t to be canceled yet.

The disgraced comic announced in a Wednesday email that he will embark ~ above a nationwide comedy tour, beginning with gigs in brand-new York City following week.

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The 53-year-old C.K. — whose actual name is luigi Székely — wrote in the announcement: “Hello human that you room being appropriate now, i am creating to friend today since I to be going to be touring approximately the United says of America, performing stand-up comedy in theatre in several various cities.”

Per the email, the nationwide tour will kick off at brand-new York City’s Hulu theater at Madison Square Garden top top Aug. 13 and 14.

During the food of the proposed five-month tour, the “Louie” star will perform in 24 cities, including Albany, mountain Diego, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago and Boston. C.K. Will also do a series of stand-up mirrors in Europe next year, follow to his website.

In bespeak to stop the spread out of COVID throughout the gigs, the “Horace and also Pete” creator promises to “comply v the local federal governments of each city in state of wellness standards and also practices. Choose everyone else, we will just do our ideal under the circumstances,” the humorist wrote.

C.K. Signed off the email by writing, “I’m yes, really looking forward to seeing your faces as i tell some rather impolite jokes and also stories.”

The tour announcement comes numerous years after ~ the comic’s shocking sexual misconduct scandal, in i beg your pardon he evidenced allegations that he’d masturbated in front of several women without your consent.

Louis C.K. Performs in ~ Comedy Central’s “Night that Too numerous Stars” at Beacon Theatre in brand-new York City in 2015.Getty images for Comedy Central

“These stories are true,” C.K. Said in a statement in ~ the time. “At the time, I said to myself that what ns did to be okay due to the fact that I never showed a mrs my d–k without questioning first, which is also true.”


He continued, “But what ns learned later on in life, too late, is that as soon as you have actually power over another person, asking them come look at her d–k isn’t a question. It’s a predicament because that them. The power I had actually over these women is that they admired me. And also I wielded that power irresponsibly.”

The scandal sparked a fierce backlash, which resulted in several the the funnyman’s significant projects being pulled from production, and also prompted numerous comedians to reduced ties with the comedy icon.

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Following the incident, the Emmy-winner attempted to do a comeback by popping increase at various comedy clubs about town. However, C.K. Found himself in hot water yet again after a tone-deaf 2018 set in long Island, in which that mocked survivors of the February 2018 Parkland, Florida, college shooting.

In 2017, C.K. Admitted come masturbating in prior of, or while on the phone with, several women without their consent.Getty Images