Parents in Ashburn and across Loudoun County have the right to now mark the first day of college that is top top the way later this summer.

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Liam Griffin, job Staff

Students in Loudoun County schools head earlier to course on Thursday, Aug. 26 because that the 2021-22 college year. The institution system has actually not however announced whether they will change their mask plan for the upcoming school year (Shutterstock)

ASHBURN, VA — Back-to-school plan has currently begun in Ashburn and across Loudoun County, with calendars available to aid parents prepare because that the an initial day for Loudoun ar Public Schools.

The first day of institution for most students in Leesburg is Thursday, Aug. 26.

Heading right into the upcoming college year, some days are subject to adjust as the coronavirus pandemic nears the year-and-a-half point. A mix that in-person, virtual and also hybrid learning is still possible in Loudoun County.

The Loudoun County institution system has actually not however announced a mask plan for the upcoming school year. However, brand-new guidance exit by the CDC has recommended every students in K-12 settings wear a mask. Some college districts in northern Virginia, including Fairfax ar Public Schools, have already updated their mask guidelines because that the upcoming institution year in accordance through CDC recommendations.

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First Day: Thursday, Aug. 26

Fall Break: There will be no classes because that students on Friday, Oct. 29 for a staff development day. Student will likewise not it is in in class on Monday, Nov. 1, Tuesday, Nov. 2, or Thursday, Nov. 4.

Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, Nov. 24 through Friday, Nov. 26

Winter Break: Monday, Dec. 20 with Sunday, Jan. 2. Student return to class on Monday, Jan. 3.

Spring Break: Monday, April 11 through Friday, April 15.

Last Day: Wednesday, June 15.

More information about Loudoun ar Schools" calendar, consisting of information about teacher workdays and also flexibly reserved holidays, is obtainable on your website.

Last institution year, the Loudoun ar school system was embroiled in number of controversies that brought about lawsuits and recall efforts. The school is at this time being sue in relationship to a policy towards transgender students, and an anti-racist same initiative. Tension drew to a head in June, when a institution board meeting was shut down and also two world were arrested after ~ unrest broke out during public comments.

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Back to School: Loudoun County's 2021-22 college Calendar

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