LORI Lightfoot became the just openly lesbian African-American woman to be chosen mayor of a significant city in the US as soon as she ended up being Chicago’s head.

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She has actually held the place she’s held since April 2009, and also since, has married Amy Eshleman, v whom she has actually an embraced daughter.


According to reports native The Focus, Eshleman is native a tiny city in Illinois dubbed Sterling, around 110 mile west of Chicago.

She relocated from Sterling to Chicago in the early on 90s, and worked for the Chicago windy Library ere for practically 20 years.

Lightfoot posted on Instagram in June 2020, express the fact that their connection was considered illegal no so lengthy ago.

“53 years ago, marriages like ours were illegal. Today, I’m increasing an incredible son freely and also openly v the love of my life,” mayor Lightfoot said, referencing their embraced daughter Vivian.


Lori and Amy through their embraced daughter VivianCredit: Instagram

Speaking of your wedding, Eshleman has actually said it to be “one the the most profound and humbling” moments of her life, including that many Chicagoans were “open and welcoming” people.


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Do Lori and Amy have any type of children? 

Lori and also Amy have one embraced daughter; Vivian, who is 13.

It’s not known exactly when Vivian was adopted by the pair, but it’s thought that this happened in Vivian’s childhood days.

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Amy is currently a full time parent come Vivian.


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