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In this post: exactly how you could be making use of data as soon as listening to podcasts, exactly how to download podcasts to her podcast app, just how to change the setups in her podcast application to avoid using data (tutorials because that Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts, Overcast & Spotify).

Podcast Friends: we must talk.

It’s pertained to my fist that some of you space burning through your cabinet phone’s data arrangement because your podcast setups aren’t set up properly.

If you follow me on Facebook, you witnessed this short article recently:


I also got a message from a friend recently, that asked if the reason she went with her data for the month was due to a podcast subscription. Mine answer: Probably.

But not because she’s subscribed to the podcast. It’s due to the fact that the settings in her podcast player must be adjusted.

I subscribe to hundreds of podcasts, and also I don’t usage data native my mobile plan.

I additionally I hear to dozens of podcast episodes every week – typically while ns in the car, or in ~ the park or gym – and also I still don’t usage data. Ns don’t use lot storage on mine phone through all these podcasts, either (although the was a problem I had, as soon as upon a time).

Over the years, I’ve learned to change the setups in my podcast app(s) properly, and I’ve avoided all of the above mentioned problems.

Now, it’s time for you come learn. First, I’ll tell girlfriend the big-picture ingredient you have to know, and also then I’ll drill down into tutorials (with screenshots) for how to readjust your podcast settings.


The Most essential Podcast setups To avoid Using Data

The many basic part of every one of this comes down to WiFi. When your phone call is top top WiFi, it doesn’t usage data.

There are certain apps that make feeling for utilizing off WiF, like maps and also navigation, drive share (Uber & Lyft), and weather apps. These are all apps that need your ar to administer accurate information, and that calls for data.

Apps the you use for music, videos, or podcasts? Those additionally use data as soon as you use them off WiFi, but due to the fact that the contents isn’t place dependent, you can arrangement ahead and also choose not to usage them once you’re not on WiFi.

Here are the most essential settings to readjust in your podcast app:

(Download or Stream) just On WiFi

To avoid all scenarios in i beg your pardon you can use data through accident, you require to collection your podcast player come download or stream episodes only as soon as your phone is on WiFi.

For some apps, this setup is best inside the player, if others call for you to go to the phone’s general settings tab. Be certain to review the tutorials below to discover where her player’s WiFi setup is.

SIDEBAR: You can avoid a ton of headaches by not only managing your podcast settings, but likewise by not STREAMING PODCASTS.

Remember my facebook post? If there’s any kind of potential of you wandering away native WiFi (like as soon as you leaving the gym and drive home), you’ll begin to usage data without also realizing it. If you perform this every day, you’ll it is in nibbling far at data.

Just don’t stream. Download illustration ahead that time, and also only when you’re ~ above WiFi.

Auto Downloading

Each podcast player or application calls this setting something different, however they all have actually their own version that auto downloading.

Auto downloading method that, as soon as you space subscribed to a podcast, the app will automatically download the latest episode to your machine when that episode becomes available.

The problem: the latest episode of her fave podcast might become easily accessible every Wednesday if you’re control the youngsters to school. Uneven your automobile has WiFi, the download will be using your mobile data every Wednesday. This add to up as soon as you’re subscribed to more than one podcast.

I recommend turning off Auto Download altogether. Instead, rotate on the notice setting for new episodes. This means that your phone will certainly tell you once a new episode of her subscribed podcast(s) is available, and also then you have the selection to download it once you want (and space on WiFi).

Data intake Warnings

Not every podcast player has this setting, something I just don’t understand. It’s important.

Data intake warnings are various from those messages you obtain from her mobile carrier telling you that you’re close come going over your monthly data allowance.

In a podcast player, the warning come up as soon as you try to present or download an episode making use of data. That reminds you that you’re not on WiFi, and also asks if girlfriend still desire to present or download (which would typical using data).

Tutorials for an altering Podcast Settings

Changing her podcast setups is in reality super quick and also easy, regardless of the phone or podcast app you’re using. In this tutorial, I’ll present you exactly how to change your podcast settings for the adhering to podcast players:

1. Apple’s indigenous Podcast app 2. PocketCasts (my desired podcast player, obtainable for to apologize & Android) 3. Overcast (Apple only, works v Apple Watch)

Plus: I’ve included a couple of words around listening to podcasts on Spotify.

If you use a different player indigenous the 3 pointed out above, don’t worry: the an easy instructions space the same, you’ll just need to discover each setting in your app.

A bonus: when you poke about in your podcast app, you can find various other settings that you didn’t also know about. The factor my podcast listening is so trouble-free is since I’ve discover and readjusted the settings in mine player.

To learn an ext about the podcast apps in this tutorial, review The ideal Podcast Apps because that Apple & Android.

How to readjust Podcast settings to listen Without utilizing Data

Tutorial: Apple’s aboriginal Podcast App

I’m gonna it is in honest: apologize Podcasts is a uniquely complex app. I do not personally usage it (I’ve deleted it from my phone), even though it’s where I an initial discovered podcasts year ago, and even despite I’m an Apple commodities user in all other ways. Adjusting your setups in apple Podcasts is tricky, yet well worth your time.

Step 1: open Your iPhone’s general Settings tab

Scroll down till you watch the Podcasts app.


Step 2: Tap top top the Podcasts app


Step 3: rotate off cellular Data & rotate on only Download on Wi-Fi

To revolve off cellular Data, madness the toggle move to rotate it come white (which suggests that the setup is turned off). To rotate on just Download on Wi-Fi, insanity the toggle move to turn it to eco-friendly (which suggests that the setting is turned on).


Step 4: native the very same screen, choose the Notifications setup (above cellular Data)


Step 5: turn on/off notifications for new episodes (per-podcast basis)

This display screen will display you all podcasts come which you are subscribed. Tap the toggle button to turn notifications top top or off.


Now you’re all collection to download podcasts on her iPhone without utilizing data.

Step 6 (optional): Further adjust settings top top a per-podcast communication from inside the Podcasts app

To make much more adjustments to separation, personal, instance podcasts come which you room subscribed, enter the Podcasts app (from your iPhone’s residence screen) and tap ~ above a present (not an episode). Within each show, friend have much more settings options.

I’m not going come walk you with the steps for this option, since these space the personalized settings that don’t need to do v data/Wi-Fi. I’m including the screenshots though, since I know that a lot of Apple Podcasts users don’t understand that this individual show settings exist, allow alone whereby to find them!



Tutorial: PocketCasts

Step 1: open up PocketCasts and also tap ~ above the Settings gear icon (top right)


Step 2: Make her Auto-Download setup “Only ~ above WiFi”

There’s a whole setup just because that Auto Download. Go into the setting and insanity the toggle switch to make certain it’s environment-friendly (this suggests that the setup is on).


Step 3: turn on Data Warning settings

This is situated in the warehouse & Data usage setting.

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Step 4: revolve on new Episode notifications

This is located in the Notifications setting. Madness the toggle switch to make certain it’s green, which suggests that the setup is ~ above (the setup is no turned on in this screenshot).