Well, we did it. We finally got to the does-whiskey-have-an-expiration-date day of this pandemic. If you can practically feel Google judging you as soon as you type "does alcohol expire" right into your search bar, then find no further — we"ve obtained you covered. Grab every those half-full party of liquor (and the Frangelico that"s never ever been touched) out of the cupboard and also line "em up: it"s time to play a little expiration date bingo.

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The good news here is that, unopened, whiskey lasts forever. Well, probably not forever, however it will most likely outlive you, i m sorry is basically choose forever. Prior to you gain into an existential tailspin over the one, let"s talk around what it means for alcohol come "go bad." The an initial thing to store in mental is the it relies on the alcohol in question; wine can be corked, beer walk flat, and Bailey"s irish Cream go not, in fact, last forever (via Binwise). The easiest explanation is that wines, beers, and liqueurs have volatile ingredient in them, prefer sugar and also dairy, if liquors (vodka, rum, tequila, and also our old pal, whiskey) are an ext stable.

Though you might be puzzled by bottles of whiskey v adjectives prefer "aged" or boasting how many years old lock are, the fact is the all the good, healthy aging that liquor wake up before that liquid gets bottled. According to Healthline, alcohol is made by using yeast come ferment the mash (the base that liquor is made out of), and then distilling that liquid come smooth out any kind of imperfections. What"s left goes right into a barrel, and also that"s wherein the "good" aging occurs (when the liquid pulls spices from the kind of lumber cask it"s in, because that example). However once the liquor provides its way into the bottle, it"s done every the aging it needs to do.

Binwise suggests that there room really only three determinants that will affect the odor or top quality of her alcohol: light, temperature, and also oxygen. Think the your residence bar favor a small plant nursery — you"ve got to get that balance right, or your plants will certainly die. Keep your unopened whiskey out of straight sunlight and also in cooler temperatures, and also it will certainly live forever.

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When opened, however, be mindful that the oxygen will eventually degrade the flavor of her whiskey, and also after a year or two of being open, it will certainly "go bad." The an excellent news here? the only means it won"t taste like it should, not that girlfriend can"t drink it. Bingo!