You understand Lili Reinhart as Riverdale"s very own goody two-shoes turned private detective, yet there"s so much much more to the actress 보다 you would ever imagine! Here"s everything to know about Lili, choose where she"s from, how she gained into acting, and where all of her tats room located.

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1. She"s starring together a stripper in a brand-new movie.

Someone take a black wig due to the fact that Dark Betty is comes back. No, no on Riverdale, unfortunately, yet Lili will certainly be playing a stripper in Hustlers, a new movie starring Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, and Julia Stiles. Now that"s what I speak to a cast!

Inspired by a 2016 New York magazine article, Hustlers will certainly follow a group of piece club employees who join together to look for revenge on some of their wall surface Street clients. A stripper is pretty lot the precise opposite the Lili"s current function on Riverdale, but luckily she"s already gotten some exercise on the pole.


The CW
Apparently though, she essential a little an ext practice due to the fact that she freshly posted a pic on her Instagram story in ~ what looks choose a pole dance class, prepping for the movie.

"Really nailing this totality pole thing," she created on top of a pic of her fully upside down sliding down a poll.

Honestly, I"m incredibly impressed. She"s currently looking prefer a pro, and she"s doing that in high af heels! that seems prefer Betty has come a long means from her days in ~ the White Wyrm.

If you can"t wait to see her star in the movie, you"ll have to settle because that this instead. Us officially have actually the an initial look that Lili on the set of Hustlers.

We acquired a emergence of Lili in hair and makeup and also a video clip of her hanging with J. Lo, Constance and also Keke on height of a rooftop in NYC. Our only question is: what need to we do to gain in ~ above this girl squad?!

For now, we"ll be keeping our eyes peeled for brand-new photos indigenous set.

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The next pic shows a Twitter user called Amy Reinhart simply replying "nope," to which the original poster,
hayleyerin, responded, "and who are you? i think ns know much more about Lili 보다 you do."


Unfortunately for
hayleyerin, Amy Reinhart isn"t merely a pan of Lili"s who adopted the actress" last surname for her Twitter handle, she is, in fact Lili"s mom, as an additional Twitter user pointed out.


Obviously Lili discovered the totality exchange hilarious as she common it top top Instagram, finishing turn off the screenshots by merely writing "LOL" ~ above a black color background. And also while I"m ravaged that this Riverdale/Perfectionists crossover isn"t actually happening, this hilarious communication is lessoning the blow.

3. She was born on September 13th, 1996 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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