Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t to be one to work out down. But his current girlfriend, actor Camila Morrone, just could convince that to ultimately do it. The two have been dating due to the fact that late 2017, and also they’ve kept their relationship fairly quiet.

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The period gap between the couple spans an ext than 2 decades, yet it no seem to stroked nerves either the them.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone capture a game in Paris in 2018 | Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

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Neither DiCaprio no one Morrone appears to psychic the period gap

Morrone is one Argentinian-American actress. She got notoriety for she leading function in the movie “Mickey and the Bear,” though she’s showed up in other films as well, consisting of “Bukowski” and also “Never Goin’ Back.”

Morrone and DiCaprio’s households have well-known each other for years, for this reason it’s no surprise that things at some point turned romantic in between the two. However, the connection did revolve a couple of heads due to the fact that of the 22-year age gap. However Morrone as soon as spoke around why she and DiCaprio nothing let it obtain to them.

“There’s so countless relationships in Hollywood — and also in the history of the world — where civilization have big age gaps,” Morrone told Los Angeles time in 2019. “I simply think anyone should be able to date that they want to date.” Morrone also included that she understands the curiosity bordering her relationship. “I more than likely would be curious around it too,” she said.

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Sources close to the couple say Camila Morrone can be ‘the one’ because that DiCaprio

Morrone and DiCaprio have done their partnership a bit in different ways than various other celebrity couples. The two favor to stay out that the spotlight, i beg your pardon has functioned for them for this reason far. And, according to ET Online, sources close to the pair say this relationship might be “the one” for DiCaprio.

“They are an extremely in love,” the source told ET. “Camila is his dream girl … and it’s easy since she gets follow me well with his family and he gets along good with hair too. They’ve recognized each other forever and it just works.”

DiCaprio and Morrone haven’t spoken of any type of marriage plans, yet the two have actually spent months on finish together due to the pandemic, and also they still aren’t sick of each other. The must mean something, right?