GOOD Morning America's Lara Spencer raised two kids with her former husband of 15 years.

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Spencer is currently happily re-married, however has not had actually any much more children.


Lara Spencer and her children Duff Haffenreffer and daughter Katharine HaffenrefferCredit: Instagram/lara.spencer

Who room Lara Spencer's children?

Spencer has two children, Katharine and also Duff Haffenreffer, v her former husband,

Spencer was married come David Haffenreffer in between 2000-2015.

"After a most thought, care and also consideration, us have chose to finish our marriage," they stated in a share statement ago in 2015.

"It's a sad decision that did not come easily, especially due to the fact that we respect and love each other and our children." 


Lara Spencer has kids with her ex-husband David HaffenrefferCredit: Instagram/lara.spencer

Despite your separation, the exes remain good friends and are cursed to co-parenting your children, according to E! News.

Spencer's children are regularly featured on she Instagram page.

“Mother daughter unintentionally twinning. Plainly inspired by all the white and also blue here,” Lara captioned an adorable photo with Katharine, who additionally goes by her nickname “Kate,” if vacationing in greek in July 2019.

“And hey — I also got teenager approval to post a an extremely rare occurrence, for this reason enjoy!”

Who is Lara Spencer's husband Richard McVey?

McVey, 62, prospered up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. His father own an oil firm and to be an active stock investor.

He earn a Bachelor's degree in finance from Ohio University and also later obtained an MBA from Indiana University's Kelley college of organization in 1983.

In 1991, McVey join JP Morgan, where he increased in the ranks and eventually relocated to brand-new York.

In April 2000, McVey established MarketAxess and also has because served together chairman.

MarketAxess is an electronic trading platform for coprorate bonds and also other products.

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What is Lara Spencer's net worth?

Spencer has actually a network worth that $20million according to CelebrityNetWorth.


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