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Lacy Johnson (Republican Party) ran for choice to the U.S. Residence to represent Minnesota"s 5th Congressional District. He shed in the basic election ~ above November 3, 2020.


Johnson attended metro Junior College, the university of Minnesota, and also the Brown Institute because that undergraduate studies. Johnson"s job experience contains working in computer modern technology and together an entrepreneur.<1>

Johnson formerly served as chapter chairman of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, as a member that the north High college Site Council, and also as a member the the PUC Charter school Advisory Committee.<1>



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Minnesota's fifth Congressional ar election, 2020 (August 11 Republican primary)

Minnesota's 5th Congressional ar election, 2020 (August 11 democratic primary)

The adhering to candidates ran in the general election for U.S. House Minnesota district 5 top top November 3, 2020.





Incumbents space bolded and also underlined. The results have actually been certified. Source

Total votes: 398,263

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Incumbent Ilhan Omar defeated Antone Melton-Meaux, john Mason, Daniel Patrick McCarthy, and Les Lester in the democratic primary because that U.S. House Minnesota district 5 on respectable 11, 2020.

Incumbents space bolded and also underlined. The results have actually been certified. Source

Total votes: 177,948

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Lacy Johnson beat Danielle Stella and also Dalia al-Aqidi in the Republican main for U.S. Home Minnesota district 5 on respectable 11, 2020.

There to be no incumbents in this race. The results have actually been certified. Source

Total votes: 11,992

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Michael Moore progressed from the legitimate Marijuana now Party main for U.S. House Minnesota district 5 on respectable 11, 2020.

There to be no incumbents in this race. The results have actually been certified. Source

Total votes: 940

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Withdrawn or disqualified candidates


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Incumbent Raymond Dehn beat Lacy Johnson in the basic election for Minnesota house of Representatives ar 59B ~ above November 6, 2018.

Incumbents are bolded and also underlined. The results have been certified. Source

Total votes: 19,231(100.00% precincts reporting)

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Incumbent Raymond Dehn defeated Lisa Neal-Delgado in the democratic primary because that Minnesota home of Representatives district 59B on august 14, 2018.

Incumbents room bolded and underlined. The results have been certified. Source

Total votes: 6,306

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Lacy Johnson progressed from the Republican main for Minnesota house of Representatives district 59B on respectable 14, 2018.

There were no incumbents in this race. The results have actually been certified. Source

Total votes: 418

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Lacy Johnson completed"s Candidate link survey in 2019. The survey questions show up in bold and are adhered to by Johnson"s responses.

Who are you? phone call us about yourself.

My family have been occupants of MN Congressional ar 5 because that over 40 years largely in phibìc Minneapolis. I"ve to be married to my mam Betty 33 years. I"ve 2 sons Darien and Adrian. I studied English, math, and science at college of Minnesota and also Computer Programming at Brown Institute. I"ve spent over 40 years in Computer technology including location of technological writer, software program engineer, subsystem engineer, IT project manager, and also management. Largely in department of Defense (DOD) solution development. I have been CEO that three companies in the fields of a computer system Value-Added Reseller (VAR), metropolitan education, and technology development and support. I have actually been a producer, writer, hold of a weekly radio program and the start-up coordinator of an inner-city charter school committed to closeup of the door the education success gap, and a non-profit regime director that over experienced an after-school education program. I have served the community as block society leader, youth and also gang mentor, tutoring, jail speaker, church trustee, north High institution site the supervisory board member, charter institution advisory plank member, and fraternity president. I am currently founder/CEO of Young businessman of America (YEA) i beg your pardon is committed to to teach computer technology and business, stock and also profit sharing, and post-secondary education capital to world of a economically disadvantaged communities as a way of developing wealth and also addressing generational poverty. We also are pursuing development of a Silicon-Valley like service center in one of the poorest and business-challenged community in Minnesota. I seek visible, measurable, and positive distinction by the merging the capabilities of politics and also business.

Please list below 3 key messages of her campaign. What are the key points you desire voters to remember around your purposes for her time in office?

Focus top top Family, Education, Economics, and Spirituality (F.E.E.S.)Hold federal government accountable for cost-effective resultsRespect and support of bill of civil liberties includng 2nd amendment, separation, personal, instance freedom, free enterprise competition, and also US sovereignty and also security. And also policies which placed American first.

What locations of public plan are friend personally passionate about?

National security, family, tax reduction, education, economic development, fiscal and also monetary policy, same trade, national debt and much more teamwork and civility in politics.

Who carry out you look up to? Whose instance would you like to follow, and also why?

I look approximately my parents and also all the adults who aid shape me and also taught ~ above purpose and also empowerment in life; difficult work; self-reliance, responsibility, and also accountability; the prestige of a can-do attitude, goal-setting, and good choices and habits; the unlimited possibilities of living in America, the function of spirituality; and also an overall positive outlook top top life.I would like to follow the instance of mine dad that was strong but gentle and also quite, who worked hard and provided for his family, that lead a disciplined life, and who taught me how to be a great family man.

Is over there a book, essay, film, or something else you would recommend to who who desires to know your political philosophy?

Any media top top the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the civil War, and Milton Friedman.

What characteristics or principles are most crucial for an chosen official?

1. We space servants.2. Having actually an unselfish function for entering politics and also never losing sight of that function by getting recorded up in the selfish elements of politics.3. Focus on solving troubles by addressing source causes and working throughout the aisle to obtain things done.4. Accountability to voters.

What attributes do girlfriend possess the you think would make you a effective officeholder?

Knowledge and also understanding of world within all us demographic groupsNon-judgemental listeningVery reliable problem evaluation and solution developmentAbility to no take things personally even if supposed to beIntelligenceUnselfishnessSelf-accountabilityCharacter consisting of Honesty and also Truthfulness

What execute you think are the core responsibilities for someone elected to this office?

1. Know, understand, and work to resolve the worries of the congressional district.2. Occupational with rather to write and pass effective laws.3. Provide accessibility and listen to all constituents nevertheless of party or amount of project donation.

What tradition would you like to leave?

The development of remedies to constituent worries that are based upon free-enterprise, me responsibility and also accountabilityA smaller function and spending plan of the federal governmentElimination of stress and strain ~ above families and communities especially bad onesLess dependency on government and a thinking of "Ask no what your nation can carry out for you. Ask what you deserve to do for her countryStarting a course to remove of identity politics and having every citizens think about our usual bond of being AmericansDrastically reduce the affect of huge moneyStarting a course to a balance budget and also getting our nationwide debt under control

What is the very first historical occasion that occurred in your life time that girlfriend remember? exactly how old to be you in ~ the time?

The assassination of president Kennedy as soon as I was 9 year old. The announcement that he had actually been "shot" was made on by my 4th grade teacher Ms. Bacon at nearly exactly 1PM CT and it to be raining on the Friday, Nov-22-1963. The was an overwhelming processing why anyone would shoot ours young, energetic, likeable president. Ns followed and remember all the details that sorrowful weekend. I have been following politics every since.

What was your very an initial job? how long did you have actually it?

Farm hand at $0.30 per hour. It was a task I worked each summer indigenous the period of 10 come 14 v pay raises to $3.00 per hour.

What is your favorite book? Why?

The john Milton Anthology.The greatness that his sonnets, Allegories, and other poetry specifically the epic city Paradise shed which to this day seems impossible to write particularly by a blind man who that was once he wrote it. His genius,use that language, mastery of every the various subject compelled to create an epic poem, reflection of his dedication to causes, and also his spirituality.

If you might be any fictional character, that would you want to be?

Kwai Chang Caine the the TV display Kung Fu

What is other that has actually been a struggle in your life?

1. Instances where opinions and also emotions are more important than knowledge and also results2. A wide variety of Interests and pursuits which once mastered, trying to find other difficulties

What qualities does the U.S. Home of Representatives possess that provides it distinctive as an institution?

1. Those qualities which arise the end of write-up I the the Constitution2. The branch that the federal federal government that is closest and most available to the American people3. Determination of the budget and spending priorities of the commonwealth budget4. Federal federal government oversight responsibilties

Do you believe that it's beneficial for representatives to have actually previous suffer in government or politics?

In basic no.In general, this is other that need to be looked in ~ on a instance by instance basis. It relies on exactly how previous experiences and also job performance.However choose many, if no most, things in life, there space trade offs. It's useful in limiting the learning curve and the ability to leverage relationship to acquire work doneThe establishing Fathers never intended the establishment of a politics class but rather citizen legislators. So we should offer serious factor to consider to ax limits.

What execute you consciousness to be the joined States’ greatest challenges as a country over the following decade?

1. Overcoming the current political and cultural divide and developing a greater sense of common purpose2. National security and also defense specifically in connections to present threats together as worldwide terrorism, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea3. To reduce the size and function of the commonwealth government and also related dependencies4. America's function in a an international economy ensuring same trade, roles and responsibilities among our friends and allies5. Addressing the needs and pursuit of pleasure of lower and middle income Americans

If you space not a existing representative, space there specific committees the you would want to be a component of?

Oversight and also ReformBudgetScience, Space, and TechnologyJudiciarySmall Business

If you room a current representative, why go you join your present committees?

Not applicable

Do you believe that 2 years is the appropriate term length for representatives?


What space your thoughts on hatchet limits?

I to be a proponent of term limits

If you are not currently a member of her party’s leadership in the U.S. Home of Representatives, would certainly you be interested in authorized the leadership? If so, in what role?

I am no a present member of party leadership and if it's not of certain interest in ~ this point. However, this is likely to change once i learn more about the influence and also effectiveness of the various leadership positions.

Is over there a details representative, previous or present, whom you want to version yourself after?

I terms of leadership, vision, intelligence, and also effectiveness, Newt Gringich is a good role modet.

Both sit representatives and also candidates because that office listen many an individual stories native the residents of their district. Is there a story the you’ve heard that you found particularly touching, memorable, or impactful?

I was associated in the teaching and also tutoring that reading and also math to K-12. One single mother solitary mother in a short paying job enrolled her three kids ages 7 v 12 in our program. The public school bus would certainly drop the students off at the learning center each day. She would certainly ride the bus from work-related each work to choose them up and also then take them top top the 30 minute drive home.There was a pending bus strike. As soon as asked just how she would get to work in case the strike concerned fruition, how would she obtain to work..She suggested she would acquire her bike addressed to do the 25-mile round expedition to occupational each day.Later, she pertained to us to let us know she can barely read or write and was embarrassed to let her children to know. When offered she readily agreed to authorize up because that the program and also have individual to teach in a different room.I loved she commitment to family, job-related ethic, attitude, and also the value inserted on education...especially the part on riding she bike to work. Seeing those worths in her smiling youngsters made it even much more special.

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