Kylie Jenner has actually announced her second pregnancy through Travis Scott. She common the news v her fans on Instagram.

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Kylie Jenner shown her 2nd pregnancy through Travis Scott top top Instagram.
Reality tv star and model Kylie zener has confirmed her 2nd pregnancy top top Tuesday night via a montage mutual on her Instagram.

Sharing the video, Kylie included a white heart and also a pregnant woman emojis. She didn"t add a caption however tagged Travis.

In the 90-second video, the 24-year-old entrepreneur claimed she is expecting a baby v her boyfriend, the rapper Travis Scott. The pair already has a 3-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

Kylie is the founder that the beauty heat Kylie Cosmetics, which is majority-owned by cosmetics device Coty Inc.

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The video montage opened up with a positive pregnancy test and also then verified Kylie and also her boyfriend taking their daughter come the doctor"s office for the ultrasound. The remainder of the video captured celebrations native Kylie"s 24th date of birth party in August and clips of Stormi kissing she mother"s baby bump.

"Are friend pregnant?" Kylie"s mother, Kris, asked together she looked in ~ sonogram image in the video. "This is just one of the happiest days of my life."

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