Easily earn and also redeem rewards just for enjoying your favorite Krispy Kreme Treats. Join online or download our app! Learn an ext by analysis our typically Asked Questions.

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Receive afree doughnut justfor signing up.

Which will certainly you choose? authorize up for Krispy Kreme Rewards and also earn a free doughnut that your selection – it’s as basic as that.


Buy what friend love,earn what you love.

Every doughnut and also coffeeyou purchase gets friend closer to earning totally free treats! track your progress online or by using the app.


Experience theMembers-OnlyTreatment.

Receive to exclude, offers, freebies, and also other rewards.Experience the members-only therapy the Krispy Kreme way.

Why should I join Krispy Kreme Rewards?

Every doughnut and also coffee acquisition gets friend closer to earning your favorite Krispy Kreme treats. Rewards members receive exclusive offersand are the an initial to know around delicious new developments. Did we cite you acquire a cost-free doughnut just for signing up?

I’m sold! exactly how do i join?

Great! You have the right to join Krispy Kreme Rewards in two ways: authorize up online by clicking listed below or download the app. Click here to authorize up online.

What space rewards tracks?

Our brand-new Rewards program is built around four distinct tracks: solitary Doughnuts, Coffees, Specialty Coffees and everyone’s favorite - DOZENS. The reward Tracks make it easier and also faster for you to earn her favorite products.

How do Reward tracks work?

Give our Team Member her phone number or email resolve or scan her rewards app and we’ll take treatment of the rest and you obtain one credit transaction each time you acquisition a Rewards track item. For example, every time you acquisition an original Glazed Doughnut or one of our minimal Time offering Doughnuts, you get one credit. After her twelfth purchase, your next doughnut is top top us.

How do I insurance claim my reward?

That is the best component of our new program. Claiming your reward is easy. Place your order, provide our Team Member your phone number or email resolve or scan her rewards appand we’ll take care of the rest.

How lengthy Do I have to Redeem my Rewards?

All rewards expire 90 days native the day they room earned.

Can i defer my reward?

Yes. You deserve to defer her Rewards via the Krispy Kreme App. In the application click ~ above Scan and Review Rewards. If you have actually rewards easily accessible for redemption, girlfriend will check out "Available Rewards" and you deserve to toggle the Redeem to "Off". Rewards expire 90 days native the issuance date.


We get it, you’ve earned her points and now you want doughnuts delivered! This is comes soon!

I forgot to determine as a rewards member, just how do I get credit for those purchases?

I readjusted my email address, how do I update my rewards account?

Contact us right here to update your Rewards account.

I gained married and need to readjust my name. Just how do I adjust it?

Contact us below to update your Rewards account.

My date of birth is not correct on mine rewards account, exactly how do i correct it?

Contact us here to update your Rewards account.

Do my birthday Rewards Expire?

Birthday Rewards room valid indigenous the 1st day of the date of birth month until the critical day the the date of birth month.

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How execute I add or change my birthday on mine rewards account?

Contact us here to update your Rewards account.