In 2010, TLC cameras introduced the Brown household to viewers. The Browns, a polygamist family members then life in Utah, have end up being stars thanks to their fact TV series, Sister Wives. When Brown household followers have delighted in dissecting the family dynamics, their past is somewhat shrouded in mystery. In fact, nobody seems completely sure what family patriarch, Kody Brown, did to support his family prior to TLC.

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What go Kody Brown carry out for a living before ‘Sister Wives’?

Sister Wivespremiered in 2010. Throughout the pilot episode, Kody revealed the he worked as a salesman. He asserted to sell web ads yet didn’t speak much about his work life. Fans were fast to notice that Kody’s expert life evaporated relatively quickly. ~ the very first season, Kody just made vague recommendations to work external of the show. He discussed marketing in ~ one suggest and proclaiming at another.Sister Wivesviewers strongly believe he was affiliated in numerous MLMs, and also those to be the sales work he mentioned.


The cast of ‘Sister Wives’ | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Before every one of that, though, the Brown household moved about often for service opportunities. In the family’s 2012 memoir, Becoming sister Wives, Kody revealed the he once operated as a lumberjack and also a travel salesman in number of states, including Wyoming and also Utah. The money should not have actually been great, though. The family members relied on federal government assistance, and also several household members have filed for bankruptcy in the past.

Shortly after the present premiered, Kody battered his task to help build the Brown family’s brand. That is what he’s apparently been doing ever since. As well as purchasing high value property and complaining around the family’s jae won situation, Kody doesn’t show up to it is in doing lot to aid out financially. Number of of his wives do, though.

Kody’s 4 wives have all had actually side hustles

While Kody thoughtSister Wiveswas sufficient to save his family members afloat, his wives plainly did not. At once or another, every of his four wives had side hustles to aid bring extra revenue into the family. Currently, 3 of his four spiritual partners still work outside of the family’s fact TV show.

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Meri Brown, Kody’s very first wife, has actually two effective businesses in she name. The empty-nester is a height earner with LuLaRoe, the MLM the peddles loudly patterned leggings to the masses. Follow to a Reddit user, there to be a point when Meri was moving thousands a month in product together a height earner. The fate that LuLaRoe, together a company, however, appears in jeopardy. Many lawsuits threaten come sink the brand. Meri is likewise the proud owner of Lizzie’s legacy Inn, a tiny bed and breakfast in Utah. The inn just has 4 rooms but has rave evaluate from civilization who have stayed in ~ the property.

Christine Brown, Kody’s 3rd wife, likewise sells LuLaRoe and was as soon as a top earner. She, favor Meri, was invite on the top-earners cruise in 2019. However, she actual sales figures are not available. Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, is a real estate agent, return she doesn’t appear to have actually sold a home recently. In much more recent months, fans have actually noticed she seems to be marketing Plexus, another MLM popular within the Brown family’s social circle. Follow to KUTV, Utah is the state with the most MLM enterprise registered. The Brown family members lived in Utah for numerous years and still have actually ties to the state.

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Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth and now legal wife, doesn’t appear to have actually a job outside of Sister Wives. The mommy of five attempted to develop an virtual jewelry company while life in ras Vegas, however it never ever took off. Robyn closeup of the door the firm in 2018 when the family members moved come Flagstaff, Arizona.