Clonazepam is the generic surname for Klonopin, a sedative medicine in thebenzodiazepinefamily. It is often prescribed come treat panic disorders, anxiety and some types of seizure.

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It functions by decreasing the lot of electrical task in the brain. Clonazepam is a regulated substance and is usually prescribed in little amounts for limited periods the time.1

DrowsinessDifficulty breathingChanges in appetitePoor coordination and also dizzinessTrouble concentratingSadness, listlessness, or depressionIrritability
Headache and also congestionIncreased anxiety or increased panic attacksSleep disturbancesAppetite changesWeight get or load loss

Can Clonazepam reason Weight Gain? The effects of Klonopin ~ above Weight

Weight alters related to clonazepam usage are occasionally reported, together this medicine does lead to changes in energy levels and alertness. In fact, civilization who usage this drug must not journey cars, operate heavy machinery, or complete tasks that require complete attention, such as watching children.

Clonazepam can additionally cause challenges when sleeping. Human being often take this medication at night to lug on feel of sleepiness, yet that does not guarantee a an excellent night’s sleep. Sometimes, people find they wake up too early on after taking this drug, or that they have challenge sleeping deep throughout the night after clonazepam use. Sleep disturbances have the potential come rapidly alter one’s metabolism, as it has linked bad sleep to a slow metabolism and also rapid weight gain.4

Clonazepam slows down the brain’s communication centers, and this leader to slowed movement, slower reaction times and drowsiness — all things that can add to a slower metabolism.

When a human takes Klonopin, they metabolize that in the liver. Human being who have experienced previous liver damage may have trouble metabolizing this drug, which have the right to also impact weight alters related come clonazepam. (If you an alert any unusual side results while ~ above this medication, speak v your medical professional immediately.)5 it is vital to understand that this drug is highly addictive. As soon as a human becomes dependence on a medicine for everyday functioning, that human will focus an ext on getting the drug and pay much less attention to healthy eating and exercise. Some civilization experience unintended weight loss ~ above this drug, when other civilization find that more an overwhelming to exercise as soon as taking clonazepam.

As Klonopin customers become more lethargic, they will have actually reduced activity levels and may communicate in mindless eat or also food binges. Weight gain is likewise linked come depression and also anxiety, i beg your pardon can cause changes in appetite and task levels. Raised depression is a side impact of clonazepam, and overeating may offer as a short-term solution to complicated emotions.

How do I recognize if i Am Addicted come Clonazepam?

Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine drug, which method it have the right to lead to dependence and addiction in a brief amount that time. Most civilization who come to be dependent on this drug never intend to end up being hooked. In many cases, clonazepam addiction is not recognized until symptoms have actually taken end the dependency person’s day-to-day life.

Some signs and also symptoms the clonazepam might be a difficulty in her life include:

Increased anxiety when clonazepam is unavailableNeeding an ext of this medicine to attain the initial effectsClonazepam use has actually caused arguments or challenges in everyday lifeIrritability or flu-like symptoms as soon as the medicine wears offTaking much more clonazepam 보다 your initial prescription indicatesMixing clonazepam through alcohol or other drugsGetting medicine without a prescription, or “doctor shopping” come get more clonazepam

Help because that Clonazepam Addiction

Many civilization struggle to stop using this drug. Studies show that plenty of patients endure noticeable weight alters when they stop using this drug since clonazepam use deserve to be very an overwhelming to overcome.6It is constantly important to speak v an proficient medical expert if you have actually concerns about any problem you take.

The best solution to her concerns about metabolism and also clonazepam abuse is come quit acquisition the drug.

The side results of clonazepam can devastate your life beyond changing your weight. Detoxcan it is in physically challenging, however a dedicatedinpatient treatmentprogram can assist you work through this difficult process. You have the right to return come a healthy weight and additionally break the grips the this addictive drug.

If you room concerned around yourself or a loved one struggling v addiction, speak to us at 706-914-2327. Ours addiction and recovery experts can prize your inquiries and assist you learn an ext about therapy options. We can even aid you uncover solutions that room covered under your health insurance. Discover out exactly how you can begin a better life today.


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