PremiumIn this June 30, 2019 paper photo, president Donald trump card meets with North oriental leader Kim Jong Un in ~ the border town of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, south Korea. (AP) 1 min read .

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Updated: 16 Aug 2019, 01:17 am IST AFP
Kim himself has actually not taken increase tweets to connect his edicts and invitationsDonald Trump claimed it just took Kim Jong Un 10 minute to respond come his tweeted proposal for a landmark conference in June

How civilization stay informed in the Hermit State of phibìc Korea is constantly a question, and also US chairman Donald trump may have actually answered that Thursday: by Twitter alerts.

Trump stated it just took Kim Jong Un 10 minute to respond come his tweeted proposal for a landmark conference in June in ~ the border of North and South Korea.

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That suggested that who in Pyongyang -- probably Kim himself -- keeps a minute-by-minute watch on what the us tweetmaster-in-chief is saying on social media.

"When ns was paris to south Korea I had the idea, you recognize what, i am walking to south Korea, right next to North Korea, appropriate with the border, right close to there," Trump said the new Hampshire this day radio program.

"There to be no method that anybody knows just how to acquire Kim Jong Un. How do you obtain him?" trumped said.

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"I put out a tweet: "Hey, i am walk to southern Korea. If you want to meet for a pair of minutes, let"s meet.""

"And I placed it out and he to be calling in ~ 10 minutes."

Trump showed up to reject speculation that the conference had already been questioned quietly before he tweeted on June 29 from the G20 summit in Osaka: "If Chairman Kim of phibìc Korea watch this, ns would accomplish him in ~ the Border/DMZ just to shower his hand and also say Hello(?)!"

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