Who is Randy Fowler? after a hearing for Kevin Spacey"s court situation in regards to sex-related assault, Randy Fowler is make headlines on Radar Online; discussing their childhood and how that knew around it from the beginning.

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In the interview, Randy discusses exactly how his brothers truly believes the Hollywood should provide him a pass since he regularly portrays villainous characters, which means you need to love him as a real sex pervert. 

Randy reveals the an initial allegations walk on native 2004, in i m sorry Spacey had the ability to hide indigenous the public. From there on, that continued, in which that "destroyed many souls."

Ever since Spacey"s first accused that assault, fifteen males have come forward, alleging he made inappropriate sexual breakthroughs to them dating earlier as much as 1986. 

Fowler believes Kevin"s behavior stems from their father who was a Nazi sympathizer. After ~ Fowler moved out in 1975, he has actually no doubt the his dad "got a organize of him," alluding to Kevin gift sexually attacked by his father.

Here are the recent details on Randy Fowler. 

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1. He"s the older brother of Kevin Spacey.

Randy and Kevin have actually been estranged for more than 15 years. He has actually not remained in contact through Spacey ever since he relocated out of their parent"s home

2. He had a limo driving service called Rods Limos in Boise, Idaho.

Customers to be able to walk on his website and also pick the outfit that you"d like him to wear when he come at your location.

3. Randy played the drums for a Luther Vandross song.

On his an individual Youtube page, the uploaded a video clip of a recording session that him playing the drums because that Luther Vandross for his song, "Like I"m Invisible."

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4. Fowler is a builder and also painter of activity figures and boats.

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According come his website, if you"re "looking because that something various in net design" girlfriend should contact him.

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